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message 1: by Bill (new)

Bill Castengera Can God put down the bottle long enough to save the world?

Set in the near future, mankind has broken the law prohibiting cloning and has created an abomination that has forced us to be second on the food chain. God becomes displeased and wants to start over, but He is a hopeless alcoholic...

Meanwhile, humankind, in a knee-jerk reaction, begins to evolve. Mankind can not be second place. We begin to develop the ability to teleport, and God vows to sober up, if just for a little while...


“Satirical fiction at the wackiest angle conceivable.”

message 2: by Ted (new)

Ted Prokash | 2 comments This seems like a fun read. Mmm . . . irreverent. I would be interested in swapping reviews. Here is the blurb from my newest novel, The Brothers Connolly:

Author Ted Prokash's second novel, The Brothers Connolly, is a counter culture masterpiece which is the product of a passion for literary fiction. "Napawaupee, Wisconsin is the hometown you all remember, where the hottest action going is high school football or statutory rape and booze is the salve for what Jesus can't heal . . ." The Connollys of Napawaupee are the quintessential small-town family. They are the "royals of a cast-off kingdom, curators of an inbred knowledge, the keepers of a dull flame . . ." In The Brothers Connolly three generations of this proud, prosaic family will be defined by their aspirations, their vices and, finally, by tragedy.

link to said book:

I eagerly await your reply!

message 3: by Alex (new)

Alex Lawson (alexlawsonauthor) | 4 comments Hi all,

Here is my new novel - Journals of a Psychopath. If anyone would like a FREE copy in PDF in exchange for a review, I would love to hear from you.

Best wishes, Alex :-)
Journals of a Psychopath by Alex Lawson

message 4: by Mary (new)

Mary Papastavrou | 6 comments Hello there! Just to let you know that my novel How to Sew Pieces of Cloud Together is FREE from today the 6th to the 10th of Feb. And here is the link

In a villa of a secret remote location a prison experiment takes place. The five highly intelligent convicts are only guarded by their implanted microchips and a red line that frames the villa and triggers lethal electrocution. Still, not one of them would try to cease their imprisonment anyway and although they hate each other they remain attached to their leader Dr James Hoffman, an incurably romantic Intellectual. When dysfunctional Malcolm Cherry and Rita Hopper from the Prison Inspectorate arrive for an unannounced visit they face mass hostility, on top of their own problems. Gentle Malcolm is going through a major crisis and Rita a powerful, sexually frustrated woman tries desperately to hold him up. The effects of mixing this crowd together turns out to be electrifying in funny and tragic ways.

If you download it please drop a line of review to let me know about your experience. Thank you x

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