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message 1: by Megan (new)

Megan | 1 comments Hi All -
I'm new to Goodreads, but thought that this might be a great place to try and post for some donations.
I run a Little Free Library in Iowa, and have found that people who are stopping by to snag books are often times taking the books that aren't as well known as some of the books that I thought people would pick. I've tracked visitors and books at our Library for almost a year, and was hoping that some of you would be willing to donate some books (or swag) to our Library in hopes that your books in our Library would help to increase the publicity that your books would receive.
I know that often times, authors only receive a certain number of copies of their books to share, but I see a ton of giveaways on here, and thought that this might be a good place to ask.
Anyway, if you're feeling generous this holiday season, or if you just love literacy as much as I do, feel free to reply and we can figure out a way to get your books in my Library.

message 2: by T.H. (new)

T.H. Hernandez (thhernandez) | 41 comments Hi, Megan, I can send you one of mine. I've stocked a few of our Little Free Libraries around San Diego, so would love to get some into other states.

Send me a message so I can get your address.

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