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Time Travel

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message 1: by Jillian (last edited Feb 25, 2008 09:03AM) (new)

Jillian If you could time travel and live in or visit any era in history and see historical events as they unfold where would you go?

message 2: by Dina (new)

Dina That's easy for me, I'm a war buff so I would have loved to witness some of the great battles and masterminding of WWII. I would like to experience just how miserable, sticky and creepy the jungles of Vietnam were.

message 3: by Lisa (new)

Lisa This is a hard one for me to answer -- I have always believed that history has to be lived, to truly understand what happened. I would love to experience the whole of history, beginning to end, if it were prossible -- to understand the mentalities of the people involved, and why they would make the choices they did -- and how they came up with the choices they made.

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