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Lily Ritterman-Pena The dialogue in this book is kind of bland in my opinion. Also, the dialogue doesn't move the story forward and the way characters interact with each other is confusing. So far, I love the story but the way the characters interacts with one another takes away from it.

Mkittysamom I kinda agree, I was disappointed with this book. It seemed dull and non-original. How many times have we read about people being possessed, and I felt like there wasn't many clues..all of a sudden BANG it's the butler possessed.

Patricia Kaniasty Very disappointed in this book. Was not very scary at all.

Mariah I wouldn't say this book was creepy or scary, but I was still interested in finding out more about the Asylum. I was more infatuated with the story and the buildings than anything else.

Jodi Mullins I thought the dialogue was simple, but that was part of what made it so interesting. That and the pictures. I read all of the books in this series as well as her newest House of Furies. I found them entertaining.

Nadia I didn't have any problems with the dialogue but I didn't find the book scary. Although I liked the mystery and I actually think she gave enough clues to who it was but still, I enjoyed the sense of not being sure until finally reading that part that the mystery was solved.

Jodi Mullins I think that is what I liked most about them. They were entertaining, but weren't scary or disturbing. The most disturbing part were the pictures. They were creepy, but great if that makes sense. They weren't explicit or bloody. Great reads in my opinion.

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