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Ryan.Phelan Dialogue is very important in Wonder. Dialogue through Auggie and his classmates reveal how he thinks of himself and how others think of him. For example, when Auggie enters the school, the kids are rude and disrespectful to him because of the way he looks. Because of this, Auggie feels less of himself and it lowers his self esteem. People make fun of Auggie and give him dirty looks, but he realizes that it doesn't matter what people do and say, so he overcomes himself. What do you guys think?

Vincenzo Spiniello I think that you are right when he overcomes himself. That is a great example of dialogue. This is totally right because they're is a lot of evidence of this shown in the text. R.j Palacio shows great examples of this.

message 3: by Jordan (new)

Jordan I like how you say that the author shows great examples of this. That means that she does it other books as well.

Ryan.Phelan Jordan wrote: "I like how you say that the author shows great examples of this. That means that she does it other books as well."

I agree. Palacio dialogue is very important in many of her books. She uses dialogue during important events to reveal character.

Riley I agree that the dialogue is amazing in wonder. But why do you think that they chose to put the dialogue of people that are mean to Auggie and then showing him overcome it throughout the book?

I think they does this because it then shows Auggie changing his character. also knowing why people are looking at him and then overcoming that to block those mean people out. Palacio maybe choose to do this so she will have him as a dynamic character. I think having dialogue could also lead to the characters being dynamic. Maybe by changing the way they talk to people or something like that. What do you guys think?

Matt Levy Yes, I do agree with you about dialogue shows that August overcomes the hurtful things that people say, but I also think that R.J Palacio puts in the hurtful things that people say to August to show the different situations that people are in. When people say something to or about August, it reveals character traits about both people.

Ryan.Phelan I also agree with both of you because I think that through Palacio's dialogue round and dynamic characters are revealed, because through these unique situations, he changes his character and learns to block the mean people out.

message 8: by Jordan (new)

Jordan I agree with you ryan, he also uses dialogue to bypass the fact that people make fun of him because of his hearing aids.

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