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Angie (amgiammarino) Hello Grim Readers, and welcome to our re-read of SECOND GRAVE ON THE LEFT! Today we will be recapping chapters 1-3, and posting chapters 4-6 on Wattpad.

You can find chapters 4-6 here:
We will be discussing these chapters on Monday, 12/7!

This thread is where you can discuss chapters 1-3, but be considerate of any newbies who are reading for the first time and keep your spoilers to a minimum!

And, some exciting news! Anyone who comments in this discussion is eligible to win one early copy of THE DIRT ON NINTH GRAVE!! Winners will be chosen on Monday, 12/7.

Chapter 1 opens with a panicked Cookie waking Charley at 2am. As it turns out, Cookie's friend Mimi disappeared last week. Before she had disappeared, she called Cookie asking all kinds of questions about Charley, hoping that Charley could help her disappear. She had said she would come by the office to see Charley, but then she disappeared. And now, Cookie received a text message that reads "Cookie, please meet me at our coffee shop as soon as you get this message. Come alone. M" Charley asks Cookie if this could possibly be a domestic abuse case, but Cookie swears that Mimi's husband Warren worships the ground that Mimi walks on.

Charley and Cookie head to Chocolate Coffee Cafe, but Mimi isn't there. They order coffees (of COURSE) and start to ask their server, Norma, and the fry cook, Brad, some questions. They search the place, and find some bathroom graffiti that might be of interest:

Janelle York
HANA L2-S3-R27

Charley checks the garbage can and finds a recently opened permanent marker package. Veeeery interesting. Charley assigns Cookie the task of scoping out the company Mimi works for, while Charley plans to ask Uncle Bob about Mimi's case in the morning. But just as they begin to leave the diner, they come face to face with Mimi's husband, Warren, pointing a gun at them.

Immediately, Cookie slaps Warren upside the head and stuffs his gun in her purse. (Gotta love Cookie.) Warren is ragged from days of worry, so they go back into the diner and order some breakfast burritos. Over breakfast, the two women find out that Mimi's friend, Janelle York, was murdered. They'd went to high school together, but they hadn't kept in touch. Mimi hadn't mentioned Janelle until Janelle died, but she seemed devastated. When Warren suggested they attend the funeral, however, Mimi was horrified.

On the way home, Charley lets it slip to Cookie that there's a dead homeless man in the trunk of her car. Cookie pulls into a gas station and starts screaming about the dead body in her trunk (not a great idea!) when a police officer decides that mayyybe he should check the girls out. Turns out, this is one police officer that Charley knows pretty well. His name is Owen Vaughn and he tried to kill Charley in high school by running over her with his SUV. After a weird, stalker-ish conversation ("I know where all of you are. Don't even doubt that."), he lets the girls go. After some additional hysterics from Cookie, they head home. Charley goes back to bed, and when she wakes up and takes a shower, Dead Trunk Guy follows her.

Charley is showering, trying to get Dead Trunk Guy to say something (this would ONLY happen to Charley!) when suddenly he looks up and disappears. A second later, little drops of blood start falling from Charley's ceiling and a very bloody and seriously wounded Reyes falls through the ceiling and into her bathroom.

When Reyes comes to for a minute, he seems not to recognize Charley and throws her up against the wall of the shower, choking her. He whispers "Beware the wounded animal" and disappears.

Now it's Charley's turn to come to. When she wakes up on the floor of her bathtub, she looks around and realizes that all signs of struggle (blood, collapsed ceiling, etc.) are gone. What happened to Reyes? What could have wounded him like that? And where did he go?

Cookie calls--two men from the FBI are at Charley's office. Charley hangs up the phone and turns around to find Reyes. His wounds are gone, but that's because his mortal body is unconscious somewhere else. He starts distracting Charley with his sexy self, but she refuses to let him distract her until she knows more about what happened this morning. According to Reyes, the demons who have been looking for him have found him at last. They are waiting for one of two things to happen: for his body to die so they can take him back to hell, or for Charley to find Reyes's body. One would give them access to the key to hell (Reyes's body, and his tattoos, which are a map to the gates of hell) and the other would give them access to the portal to heaven (Charley).

Reyes refuses to tell Charley where his physical body is, for a few reasons. One is that he wants to keep her away from the demons and the trap they set for her. The second is that he wants his physical body to die. He feels that his corporeal body is too vulnerable. Besides, his corporeal body belongs to a convicted murderer, and he refuses to go back to jail. In jail, they put his body on anti-seizure medications, which effectively trap his incorporeal self inside his body and cut him off from visiting Charley (and saving her from trouble). But if we know Charley (and I think we do) we know that he's not going to be able to persuade her to stop looking for him.

Before Charley walks out the door, Reyes gives her two pieces of interesting information. The first is that Uncle Bob has put a tail on her. The second is that she's capable of way more than she thinks she is--including hurting Reyes, the actual son of Satan, if she so chose. Hmmm.

Extra points for discussion:
1. Any theories on Dead Trunk Guy?
2. Why don't any ghosts ever respect Charley's "No Ghosts in the Bathroom" sign? It's very rude.
3. Are you suspicious of Mimi's husband, Warren? Why or why not?
4. How much do you love Reyes? SOOO much? (The only correct answer is SOOO much.)
5. Do you think Charley is capable of cool, badass Grim Reaper things that we have yet to find out about?

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Angie Bee | 50 comments 1. I think Dead Trunk Guy sense Reyes presence which is why he disappears. Soon after he’s gone, blood drops from the ceiling and Reyes falls through.

2. Yes it’s rude that ghost don’t respect Charley’s sign. But I think they’re intrigued by her. Charley is like a lightning rod that ghost are drawn to.

3. Whenever a wife goes missing, we instinctively suspect the husband. I was suspicious of Warren at first
until Cookie easily snatches the gun away from him and slaps him upside the head. This was funny btw.
Then I realized he’s harmless and worried about Mimi just as much as Cookie.

4. I doubted Charley’s cool badass Grim Reaper abilities because she doubts herself. Even though Reyes (the son of Satan), tells Charley that she needs to know what she’s capable of. And that the world would be more dangerous if she only knew. Yet, Charley just seems very blasé about it to me.

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Tgt | 22 comments 1. I think Dead Trunk Guy is a bit more aware than he seems. After all, he had enough presence of mind to leave when he sensed Reyes' appearance. I'm sure Dead Trunk Guy has heard, on the Pearly Gates' Grapevine, when your body's gone and your soul is stuck, follow the light, her name is Chuck (Charley didn't rhyme).

2. If a person was disrespectful when he was alive, why would he respect the boundaries of others once he's dead? Obstacles once provided by physical boundaries or walls were no longer an issue. As for the respectful ghost, she was probably compelled, unable to resist Charley's brightness.

3. Initially, I was suspicious of the husband, that's what all of the police procedurals have taught us, but he was a basket case when he approached Cookie and Charley. Besides, that's just too easy. But then maybe that's what the author wants us to think. Ummm.

4. I do love Reyes sooo much. Who wouldn't want a lover who's always there when you need him, even when, physically, he's not there?

5. Of course Charley is capable of badassery. It may not be badass like a Ninja, but more "Wow, did I just do that? How did I do that?" badassness.

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Angie Bee | 50 comments Opp I missed the Reyes questions. That's what I get for multi-tasking.
Yes I love Reyes to pieces. I like how he's protective of the people he love, especially Charley. He's has been there with her from birth always ready to defend and save her.

Linda Parish | 78 comments 1. I don't think dead trunk guy is as unaware as he seems. He reacted too quickly to what was about to happen with the blood falling from the ceiling. Also he was in the trunk but as soon as Charlie saw him he moved to the inside of the vehicle.
2. As far as the ghosts not respecting Charlie's bathroom sign, I believe that is simply because the recently departed find themselves in a world where the rules are different so feel they no longer apply. Except for a few dirty minded men lol.
3. No I really couldn't suspect warren. Cookie was too positive he was innocent, and when he brought the gun to the diner and let cookie take the gun away and bop him upside the head, I felt sorry for him even as I was laughing. He wasn't thinking straight but that was so funny.
4. Of course I'm going to give the correct answer here. I love Reyes sooo much. Aside from the whole evil dad thing he's perfectly yummy!
5.i think Charlie will continue to amaze us all, as well as herself. She doesn't get scared like the average person. Who doesn't wish they could go through life fearlessly?

Shardallinee | 48 comments 1. Any theories on Dead Trunk Guy?
Well, when I first read this part the immediate thought in my head was - someone stuffed a body in there and once it was removed the spirit felt comfortable in it and stayed.
Or our Cookie was really a mob queen years back and stuffed a body in there that one time...
Seriously, anything is possible in these series. <3 *wink*

2. Why don't any ghosts ever respect Charley's "No Ghosts in the Bathroom" sign? It's very rude.
I know, right? :D It's like they are not even afraid of her 'ghost repellent spray' too! I always hoped there was so much light in her that the ghosts would be blindsighted and could not see the details... ;)

3. Are you suspicious of Mimi's husband, Warren? Why or why not?
I would usualy jump to that conclusion immediately - untill Cookie whacked him up the head and took his pistol away. He was off my 'guilty as charged' list right then. I love Cookie.

4. How much do you love Reyes? SOOO much? (The only correct answer is SOOO much.)
I love Reyes SOOO much! (just to be safe ;) ) He is like a molten choco lava cake to me - hot, dark and sweet inside... ;9 In short - irresistable.

5. Do you think Charley is capable of cool, badass Grim Reaper things that we have yet to find out about?
Charley is already cool and badass. As everyone will keep on saying to her - she can do anything she can think of... Except stop drinking coffee.
Which is totaly understandable.

Kelly  (witchhazel) | 22 comments Reyes is the book boyfriend I always put down in these book party's on fb! I love him!

Mordiallity | 13 comments 1. Not sure! He was rather scary to me!! Like a stalker or maybe a person who was kidnaped.
2. The light is too beautiful, so they can't resist. :D
3. I must say no. Which is odd for me, but I agree with Shardallinee, Cookie made him innocent. :D
4. SOOO much!SOOO much!SOOO much!SOOO much!SOOO much!
5. She already is, but with a spark! :D

Angie (amgiammarino) Shardallinee wrote: "1. Any theories on Dead Trunk Guy?
Well, when I first read this part the immediate thought in my head was - someone stuffed a body in there and once it was removed the spirit felt comfortable in it..."

Shardallinee, you are the winner of the early copy of THE DIRT ON NINTH GRAVE!! Message me with your mailing address so I can send.
More chances to win as the re-read continues! :)

Shardallinee | 48 comments Ohmigosh seriously?? :D :D :D :D Thank you, THANK YOU!!! <3

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Angie Bee | 50 comments Congrats Shardallinee !!!

Linda Parish | 78 comments Congratulations

Shardallinee | 48 comments Thank you Angie and Lori!! <3

Mordiallity | 13 comments Congratulations my sweet sister!!! :D

Shardallinee | 48 comments *hugs* :D

Shardallinee | 48 comments I just got the copy!!! Fabulous! Thank you sooo much again!!

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