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Gateway of India (Omnibus Edition) by Ken Doyle Ken Doyle

Genre: Literary Fiction, Short Stories

Gateway of India (Omnibus Edition)

Book Description:
The Gateway of India, built in the early twentieth century, served as a ceremonial entrance to the city of Bombay. Today, it remains the city’s most famous landmark.

Set in 1980s Bombay, this collection of stories and a novella provides a gateway into the lives of ordinary citizens. A doctor who retires to begin a new life, a bus conductor, a police inspector, the residents in an affluent neighborhood, a schoolteacher and his students—each vignette captures the unique struggles and triumphs of life in India’s commercial capital.

The special omnibus edition contains all three books in the Gateway of India series and includes a bonus story, Saturday Date.

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Mobi file, please.

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Ken (kendoyle) | 24 comments Mobi sent to Rian, thanks!

Rian Nejar (riannejar) Ken - my review is up on Goodreads and Amazon. Goodluck!


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Ken (kendoyle) | 24 comments Thanks, Rian. I appreciate the review.

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