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message 1: by Wisteria (new)

Wisteria Kitsune (wisteriakitsune) I'm doing an experiment on wattpad.

This short story/novelette is a sci-fi comedy mystery with explicit sexual content (would that classify it as erotica?).

Here's my blurb:

A Detective X and Assassin K Comedy Mystery

Meet X, a masochistic private investigator, who has to find Colonel Ackroyd Hashimoto, the commanding officer of the US 244th Brigade Combat Team, in twenty-four hours before full-scale war breaks out in the East China Sea.

After he unwittingly becomes a human landing pad for a mysterious and sadistic assassin known only as K, he realizes that he needs some muscle for this dangerous mission. And K just happens to need a replacement for her last slav--that is, assistant.

message 2: by Dwayne, Head of Lettuce (new)

Dwayne Fry | 4333 comments Mod
Well, you say it's a sci-fi comedy mystery, but I don't get a sense of any of that in the blurb.

message 3: by Wisteria (new)

Wisteria Kitsune (wisteriakitsune) Thx. Then I will work on those aspects.

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