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What I Have Learned

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message 1: by Julie, Co Moderator (new)

Julie | 29 comments Mod
As I'm reading, I am able to see how the way I have been living from my ego has been affecting my relationships. I understand now that I associate giving with sacrifice. I do not have a "real and lasting sense of abundance" so I am not charitable.I can see now that I withhold love, judge, and feel insecure because of my ego.

message 2: by Ramon, Co Moderator (last edited Dec 03, 2015 12:37PM) (new)

Ramon | 55 comments Mod
As I am reading and when I am interacting with our group members, I know that by helping myself and others, I am progressing.

I have realized a level of understanding by reading;

I have realized another level of understanding by listening to others express their level of understanding;

I have realized another level of understanding by sharing what I understand with others;

And, I have realized yet another level of understanding when I apply what I have realized to situations in my own journey.

I thank the members, of our group here, for their active participation in my journey.

message 3: by Angelanadine (new)

Angelanadine | 17 comments I also feel like I am achieving a new way of perceiving the people, events, reactions around and within me, and I am feeling much more able to accept rather than struggle against this.

One of the biggest shifts I think I have had has been to realize that the many offenses I have taken in my life are so frequently simply each person projecting their ego onto the other person and perceiving their own past/fears/... Onto me or vice versa. It is very freeing to realize this and no longer feel compelled to take offense, or indeed take so many things so personally.

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