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Naylene (Nayenel) | 24 comments Mod
Native Foreigners

Coming over the hill was an ugly black car. The paint was faded. The front was too long and the back was too low. Plus, the windows were a dingy green. The only reason she knew it was a taxi was because of the plastic white sign on the roof that said so. She pursed her lips and narrowed her eyes as it neared. She had poor experiences with Red Hill’s taxi drivers. They all freelanced, making themselves their own boss. Sadly, Nordaway’s taxi services didn’t go to Red Hill and without a car, she only had one choice.
The vehicle rolled down the hill at a substantial speed and slowed to a halt right in front of them. A man popped out of the driver side of the vehicle. He had messy blue locks, matching eyes and wore a sloppy grin. “Hello there. Are you Jane?”
“Yes, I’m assuming you’re Zeb.” Jane tried to smile back, but she was nervous about how this was going to go. He seemed decent enough.
“Yup, that's me!” He walked towards the back of the car and popped open the trunk. “Can I help you with those?” He pointed to the bulky luggage that sat by their feet.
“Yes, thank you.” Jane smiled. Zeb lifted the heavy bag and placed it inside the car. He then saw another little luggage in the hands of a small girl hiding behind Jane. Her blonde hair was braided back and her eyes spoke of innocence. Zeb smiled and leaned over to the girl.
“May I take your bag?” He beamed. He was just so happy, that the little girl couldn’t have said no even if she wanted to. She nodded lightly and handed him the pink and blue bag. While he arranged the luggage in the trunk, Jane and the little girl sat in the back seat. Jane helped buckle the girl’s seatbelt before putting on her own.
Jane examined the interior. It had beige leather seats and matching carpet. The doors had a faux wood design and a manual crank window opener. The steering wheel in the front was a tad too wide for the compact design of the car. She felt like she was in a car of an older generation.
With a thump, he shut the trunk and hopped into the driver's seat. As he started the car, it made a popping noise similar to a shotgun before properly turning on. When he shifted gears, Jane leaned closer and sighed with relief to see it was an automatic. Then they began strolling away. Jane peered out the window as she saw the diverse city of Nordaway disappearing behind her.

David Crossley | 11 comments OK - now I want to know where they are, where they're going and why they are leaving! I guess I'm going to find out more about the book :-)

David Crossley | 11 comments P.S. is there a way to add a new topic within the area rather than as a comment on a current topic?

Naylene (Nayenel) | 24 comments Mod
David wrote: "Slow The Shadow Creeps - David E Crossley
Emma Gordon shivered and huddled closer to the fire. The long steel poker broke apart the peat, exposing the glowing red interior as she prodded at it. Sma..."

There is a way to add a new topic. Just click on the folder's name. There it will list the folder's topics and right above the activity area is a small button to add new topics.

David Crossley | 11 comments Done it. Thank you!

David Crossley | 11 comments Just bought a Kindle copy of Native Foreigners. I'll come back after or while reading it.

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