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Angie (amgiammarino) From the Author

When writing The Midnight Witch I found myself in quite a dark and unsettling place, and I think the finished book reflects this. It is my dearest wish that readers will feel some of the same mystery and other-worldliness when they follow Lilith's story.

For me, part of the attraction of exploring the world of an ancient and powerful coven was to set it against the glamour and wealth of the upper classes in early 20th century Britain. Not only did this set the darkness is stark relief to the glitter and frivolity of the aristocratic lifestyle of the time, but I felt it was symbolic of the way human nature can be so multifaceted.

Lilith is a witch who speaks to the dead, but she lives her public life in the light and privilege of her
time and class.

She is beautiful, and surrounded by beautiful things, but she is a necromancer, who must deal with death and the dead in a very particular way.

She is a daughter, sister, and friend, and loves her family, but must put them second to her coven.

She is a young woman in love, but to be the lover of a Lazarus witch is a dangerous thing indeed.

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Debbie (dhaupt) | 8 comments Paula it did have a darker feel than The Winter Witch did and Lilith is very different from Morgana but she was a stand out character too.

I loved moving from rural to urban for this novel and loved it!

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