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Teanka Because our Luminaries discussion has stalled and we've lost most of the readers along the way, I've decided to divide the remaining part of the book into 3 threads, for those of you who would like to comment on finishing the book.

This thread covers the second part of the book. Please don't spoil the rest of the book.

Personally, I'll comment on the thread when I finish this part. I intend to finish reading before the end of the year.

SusanK OK, I'll jump in. I notice the author opens each Part with an astrological observation leading to the emphasis for that part. The twelve have been left alone for 3 weeks, and they're starting to betray each other's secrets, sometimes deliberately, sometimes not, depending on what has influenced them.

Lowenthal tries to get Te Rau to spy on Godspeed for them, but he will not. Balfour deliberately tells Lauderback of Nilssen's financial scheme to impress the politician. Nilssen betrays Devlin's possession of the deed to Shepard. The alliance has frayed around the edges already.

That Lydia is a devious one. I know the seance was rigged, but what's going on with Anna? Is Staines dead or not? And will Ah Sook get his revenge?

Kaycie | 294 comments I did not expect Part II to head in this direction. I thought there would be a bit more mystery solving on Moody's part when we got here, but it seems like the council have just gone about their business as usual here. Its fine, really, for the story, but instead of having a recounting of past events we are now waiting for future events and the going seems slower.

I honestly didn't have too big of an impression here, good or bad. Some new information is coming to light, but its all really still mystery at this point. Not a whole lot is getting solved.

Alana (alanasbooks) | 456 comments I do feel like the book rather changed directions after the "council" was over. It felt like a lot of buildup and then just an uneasy moving forward, rather directionless.

A lot of people are betraying confidences, so I'm fairly sure the whole region will know the entire story by the end of the whole thing, as no one can seem to keep their mouth shut.

Carver is a piece of work, isn't he?

And do we think Lauderbeck went to go see Wells because he was curious about finally meeting his brother? Or did he go there to kill him and steal the gold? I would lean toward the former, as it appears that Lauderbeck didn't end up with any of the money, but the story is so warped and twisted with so many characters involved that it's hard to know what to think.

And what about Anna? She seems to be the focus of every male character, yet I don't find her nearly as interesting as they all seem to. But perhaps that's the point?

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