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Satya Robyn | 43 comments Mod
Connie asks: Do you have any authors that inspire you to write? Also, does any kind of music help you out as well?

Thanks for your question, Connie.

I've always loved books, and so I suppose the first writers I enjoyed wrote books like 'The Hungry Caterpillar' and fairytales. I never really thought of myself as a writer, even when I started writing poetry - it only became an ambition slowly. I suppose everything I've ever read and loved has gone into the 'melting pot' - there are lots of authors I love who write very differently to me, but I suppose everything becomes an influence in some way or another.

Writers I love include Raymond Carver, Annie Dillard, Lorrie Moore, John Irving... there are so many it's difficult to think!

Music is important in my novels as I always know what kind of music my characters like, and listen to this while I'm writing. Violet from The Letters likes big band music, and Leonard from The Blue Handbag is a big Johnny Cash fan. My current character Joe likes Sigur Ros and The Cocteau Twins, so I'm listening to a lot of that at the moment!

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Lynne | 2 comments That's interesting Fiona. I'd never really considered characters in a novel having favourite music, though I'm sure it's mentioned sometimes. It must help you quite a bit listening to their favourite music as you write about them.
And thank you for the tip about 'Book Depository' I've taken a look at them.
Happy writing!

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