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message 1: by Moe (new)

Moe  | 605 comments Here we go!

message 2: by Sandra (new)

Sandra A. | 64 comments Name. Evan

Appearance when I get off of work and personality I'm not sure yet until I start rping

message 3: by Moe (last edited Dec 02, 2015 03:29PM) (new)

Moe  | 605 comments Name: Jackson
Nickname: Jack or Jackie
Appearance: http://www.mens-hairstyle.com/wp-cont...

Personality: He use to be full life and loved to joke around and go on little adventurous. Now, after being taken he has become boring and obedient.

(he is 18)

message 4: by Sandra (new)

Sandra A. | 64 comments Would you like to start now...or want to wait until I put appearance up?

message 5: by Moe (new)

Moe  | 605 comments Either way works with me. Should we start at the auction?

message 6: by Sandra (new)

Sandra A. | 64 comments Sure would you like to start....and Jw does your character know my character before the auction....and how does your character know mine again...sorry got a little lost

message 7: by Moe (new)

Moe  | 605 comments Its fine

yes they were friends throughout their child hood and then my guy was kidnapped

and yes i can start

message 8: by Sandra (new)

Sandra A. | 64 comments Does my character recognize him immediately?

message 9: by Moe (new)

Moe  | 605 comments yeah he can. or you can have him be drawn to him and then he figures it out the next day or when he takes him home.

message 10: by Moe (new)

Moe  | 605 comments Once the auction was started, the host went out on to the stage and announced how it worked. First they would show one by one, so everyone could see each person. They would do the girls first and then the guys. After they were all showed off they would auction each one of again, going from girls to guys. After he was done speaking it began, and one by one each girl was taken out and shown off then every guy. Jackson stumbled as he was shoved on to the stage. HE looked exhausted and pale, his ginger hair all over the place. He kept his eyes down as they talked about his skills and personality and why someone would want to buy him.

message 11: by Sandra (new)

Sandra A. | 64 comments ((I like the second idea....also my grammar isn't very well))

Evan was sitting alone not sure why he was there. He look at his drink that he purchase sigh. After all the girls were auction he was about to get up and walk away but right before he did. He say a young guy close his age on the stage. Something got his attention and growl softly. He spoke quietly but enough to be hard. "I bet $100,000"

message 12: by Moe (new)

Moe  | 605 comments Jackson glanced up when he heard someone speak. He was absolutely dreading being bought by some hard headed jerk. He bit his lip as he looked around, finding the guy that called out the price. The man that was auctioning off asked if anyone wanted to bid on him. Of course no one else did. He was 18 and a weakling. Once no one else bid he was sold to the first guy. He said to bring the money to the back and he would be given to him.

message 13: by Sandra (new)

Sandra A. | 64 comments Evan finally realize what he did and smack his forehead for doing that. He got his jacket that cover his face to hide it. When he went to the back and gave a suit case with all the money in cash. He was very hesitate about this all. What kind of the guy did he buy. Did he had other owner before him. So many question come up and it was becoming overwhelming.

message 14: by Moe (new)

Moe  | 605 comments Jackson waited in the back after he had gotten all of his stuff. He had a bag that had two sets of clothes, a picture and some drawing stuff in it. He stood next to the host with his head down. He now had on a sweater and sweatpants with a pair of torn up shoes.

message 15: by Sandra (new)

Sandra A. | 64 comments appearance. http://www.mens-hairstyle.com/wp-cont...

Evan stop at the boy noticing he needs new cloth and shoes....he frown text his Co worker his having the rest of the week off. He took of his hood to get a better look.

message 16: by Moe (new)

Moe  | 605 comments Jackson looked up at him for a second. There was something about this guy, he seemed familiar. His eyes, it was something with his eyes. He bit is lip as he waited for what to do next. The guy took the money and shoved Jackson towards Evan. Jackson stumbled and ran into him. "Sorry." He mumbled and looked down, stepping away.

message 17: by Sandra (new)

Sandra A. | 64 comments Evan narrow his eyes, "Next time be more gentle with him. his still a human being." He look down at the boy, "Your name is?"

message 18: by Sandra (new)

Sandra A. | 64 comments ((sorry for being short post but I'm on phone and also not quit having the feel for it yet...I willl soon))

message 19: by Moe (new)

Moe  | 605 comments "Whatever" The guy mumbled. "You are free to take him." He told him and walked away. Jackson took a deep breath and looked up at him, looking him in the eye as he was taught. "Jackson." He said to him with a small nod.

message 20: by Sandra (new)

Sandra A. | 64 comments Evan eyes widen a.s shake his head. This is odd he had an old child hood friend name Jackson. He shrug it off knowing it couldn't be. "My name is Evan Grim." He smile gently and said,"I taking a week off we are going to buy furniture for the room your staying and get some clothea. we are for sure giving you a phone." He look down thinking that's the most important things that must done and trying to think of any other.

message 21: by Moe (new)

Moe  | 605 comments Jackson listened to what he said. A look of confusion crossing his face at his name. Evan? No it couldnt be. He didnt say anything though. He wasnt suppose to talk u less he was being asked to talk. He nodded at what he said. "Okay." He said in acknowledgement to him.

message 22: by Sandra (new)

Sandra A. | 64 comments pic of things want to share
house. https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/...
car. https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/...

Evan smile gently,"let's go to the car and go home." He just notice now he will not be home alone ever again beside his maids and chefs that works for him.

message 23: by Moe (new)

Moe  | 605 comments Jackson nodded and followed him out to the car. He kept his head down as he followed him. The same question going through his head. Is this really Evan? He didnt think it would even be possible.

message 24: by Sandra (new)

Sandra A. | 64 comments Evan smile, "Oh man bday is coming up the big 2 zero ugh. ... staying home from those crazy guy. he open the door to the car that open upper ward than normal way. he went in waiting for h to get in. He didn't realize he spoke out loud.

message 25: by Moe (new)

Moe  | 605 comments Jackson didnt say anything to what he had said, unsure if he should say anything at all. He thought about that for a moment. His birthday? His best friends birthday would be coming up soon to. "May I ask you a question?" He asked him as he buckled up.

message 26: by Sandra (new)

Sandra A. | 64 comments Evan look at him for wondering he spoke finally, "Sure you can Jackson. but learn and remember this speak and ask whenever you want. I'm not a master or owner. just say we are buddy if you like." Wonder what he will ask.

message 27: by Moe (new)

Moe  | 605 comments "Okay." He said. That was definitely going to take some getting use to. "Is your birthday within the next two week?" He asked him curiously. He bit his lip as he waited for a response.

message 28: by Sandra (new)

Sandra A. | 64 comments Evan look at him oddly, "Yes it is...is yours too?" He was a little confused but also curious.

message 29: by Moe (new)

Moe  | 605 comments "No,no...My birthday was a month ago. Just turned eighteen." He told him. "It's just...my old friends birthday is around the same time, two weeks from now. He would also be turning 20." He looked at him.

message 30: by Sandra (new)

Sandra A. | 64 comments Evan look at him more confused than ever, "When was the last time you saw him or her. It mean your friend?" He just couldn't believe this was might his friend because everything seem to come out as they knew each other before.

message 31: by Moe (new)

Moe  | 605 comments "Um... I think about 6 years ago. Before I was taken." He told him with a frown. He bit his lip and took a deep breath to calm himself. He had to hide his emotions like he was told to do. Never show weakness.

message 32: by Sandra (new)

Sandra A. | 64 comments Evan look at him and notice it was 6 years since he saw his friend, "that's how long it been since seen my friend and your age is the same and birthday is the same too." He start the car before he forgot it was time to go home. He lower his music and was very confused but oddly a little happy .

message 33: by Moe (new)

Moe  | 605 comments Jackson looked at him and stared him for a few minutes. He could see similar features between the two. But he couldnt be sure because he hasnt seen him in forever. He looked away and nodded at what he had said. Maybe he would show him the photo when they got home.

message 34: by Sandra (new)

Sandra A. | 64 comments Evan finally arrive to the house the electric huge gate open for him to drive to the door. He slow down and look up seeing both his white strong male German Shepard. He open the door aid the car.

message 35: by Moe (new)

Moe  | 605 comments Jackson looked up in shock at his house. He was i ly 20 and he owned this house? Holy crap. "This is your house?" He asked him inshock.

message 36: by Sandra (new)

Sandra A. | 64 comments Evan blush lightly and he was so pale you could see the blush across his face. With him. Lashing he look younger at the moment. "Yes. I own a business I'm actually work and make Japanese animation and I also do managea." He saw both the dog sniffing Jackson wondering who was he. Evan snap his finger for the dog to stop.

message 37: by Moe (new)

Moe  | 605 comments Jackson nodded. "Thats awesome." He distinctly remebered his friend liking that stuff. He looked at the doog and smiled a tiny bit. He stuck his hand out for him to sniff and then he pet him. "So soft." He mumbled. He then followed Evan inside.

message 38: by Sandra (new)

Sandra A. | 64 comments Evan walk to his huge kichten and the. Hey was cooking a ,eat for hi, and his guest. He turned around seeing he lift his flat 75' in tv on. He shake his head on not realizing that.

message 39: by Moe (new)

Moe  | 605 comments Jackson looked around him at all the fancy nice stuff. He definitely wasnt use to this. He yawned and rubbed his eyes. He hasnt been able to sleep for the past couple of nights fromb reaccuring nightmares. He took his bag off for a moment and pulled the picture out and holding on to it so it didnt get crumpled in his bag.

message 40: by Sandra (new)

Sandra A. | 64 comments Evan look at him and saw the picture he was holding. He title his head a little curious what it was of. Then frowned, "I don't have a place yet for you to stay. If you don't mind would you like to sleep on the couch.?"

message 41: by Moe (new)

Moe  | 605 comments "Yeah. That is fine with me. Probably much more comfortable then the floor." he gave him a small smile. The licture was off him and Evan before he had been kidnapped. He set his bag down next to the couch and set the picture on a small table.

message 42: by Sandra (new)

Sandra A. | 64 comments Evan walk up to him and gave him a tv remote. "Your welcome to watch anything you like!" He look down at the picture and back at him. He step back and accidently trip over his dog. Hitting his head on the wall.

message 43: by Moe (new)

Moe  | 605 comments Jackson quickly ran over to him and helped him back. "Are you alright?" He asked hi. "Do you need some ice? I can get some ice. Or some medicine." He said frantically. "What happen?" He asked. "Sorry. Im asking too many questions."

message 44: by Sandra (new)

Sandra A. | 64 comments Evan chef burst out laughing, "He fine I just never seen him do that."

Evan glare at his chef and got embarrassed. "I'm fine just the picture got me of guard that's all." He didn't want to say anymore.

message 45: by Moe (new)

Moe  | 605 comments "The picture?" He asked confused. He stood up and walked over to the picture and then looked at him. He picked the picture up and zipped it back into his backpack. Unsure if it was a good or bad caught off guard.

message 46: by Sandra (new)

Sandra A. | 64 comments Evan got up and walk to his bedroom and back it took him about 5min robe back. He hand his picture that was the same has his. He didn't or couldn't say it so he decide to show it. He was getting very red and more confused and shy.

message 47: by Moe (new)

Moe  | 605 comments Jackson looked at the photo and covered his mouth in surprised. He took a shaky breath and looked up at him. "It really is you." He said, his eyes watering. He quickly stepped to him and hugged him tightly, tears running down his face. "I-i thought I w-would never s-see you again." He mumbled out.

message 48: by Sandra (new)

Sandra A. | 64 comments Evan jump and look down not sure what to say or do. He smile happily he saw him again and got him before he was sold by stranger and pat his head gently.

message 49: by Moe (new)

Moe  | 605 comments Jackson smiled a little bit and pulled away from him. He rubbed his eyes to wipe away the tears. "Sorry. I just..." he sighed. "Ive just missed you you and my parents so much." He said with a shrug.

message 50: by Sandra (new)

Sandra A. | 64 comments ((ya im on my laptop))

Evan look away just had both parents taken away from him from a deadly airplane crash. He look at the ground. "When did you last heard from your parents?" With a sad voice.

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