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Would you take the risk?
Nathan Underwood Nathan Dec 02, 2015 09:52AM
Imagine being able to be brought back to life multiple times. If you had that chance, would you take it? Does it generally seem like a good idea? This 15 year old girl, Daisy, has died many times. The reason she is able to die more than once is due to this top-secret government program called “Revive”. The Revive drug is able to bring people back to life. However, this is drug is not 100% reliable. One boy was being Revived once, but unfortunately he “developed an immunity to the drug. Then he died for good,” as told at the bottom of page 12. Another disadvantage to the Revive program is having to completely change your life every time you die. For example, on page 5, Daisy is thinking about “how I’ll design my new bedroom”. Last names must also change as known when Daisy asks, “What’s our new last name going to be?” on page 8. Every time you die, you basically have to start life over. You are burdened with the tasks of making new friends and getting used to a new town, until you just end up dying again, that is. So, to bring back my earlier questions, despite all of the disadvantages and burdens that come with this drug, would you still want to be Revived if you had the chance?

Even though with my beliefs as a Christian (this is way too cool to pass up!) I would definitely want to be revived if I had the chance. That being said, once would probably be enough just because I feel as if it's a one time experience sort of thing. Interesting blog post on the story though! Great way for others to get involved in this awesome book!

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