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Characters: Astrid Dalgaard, Vanessa Lewin

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{Full Name} Astrid Thyra Stordottir-Odindottir Dalgaard
{Nickname/Aliases(if any)}
Astrid has had many during the time she's been on Midgard. Here's a list of only a few names she's used.

Audrey Baldwin
Christine Barlow
Sarah Fowler
Lindsey Crew
Elle Longmire

{Age} 1,784
{Age Appearance} 17
{Date of Birth} 21 October 231 AD
{Place of Birth} Asgard
{Time of Birth} 2:43am

{Gender} Female
{Sexuality} Straight

{Personality} Astrid is optimistic and energetic. She is usually up to her elbows in some project or other. Cheerful and good-natured, she rarely gets stressed out, preferring to go with the flow. She is creative and practical. Astrid is very imaginative when it comes to practical things, mechanics, and crafts. Novel ideas come easily, and she loves using her hands to put them into action. Astrid is spontaneous and rational. Combining spontaneity with logic, she can switch mindsets to fit new situations with little effort, making her a flexible and versatile individual. Astrid knows how to prioritize. This flexibility comes with some unpredictability, but she is able to store her spontaneity for a rainy day, releasing her energy just when it's needed most. She is great in a crisis. With all this hands-on creativity and spontaneity, it's no wonder that Astrid is a natural in crisis situations. She usually enjoys a little physical risk, and she isn't afraid to get her hands dirty when the situation calls for it. Astrid is relaxed. She lives in the moment and goes with the flow, refusing to worry too much about the future.

Astrid is stubborn. As easily as she goes with the flow, she can also ignore it entirely, and usually moves in another direction with little apology or sensitivity. If someone tries to change her habits, lifestyle or ideas through criticism, she can become quite blunt in her irritation. Astrid can be insensitive. She uses logic, and even when she tries to meet others halfway with empathy and emotional sensitivity, it rarely seems to quite come out right, if anything is even said at all. She is private and reserved. Astrid is notoriously difficult to get to know. She is a true introvert, keeping her personal matters to herself, and often just prefers silence to small talk. She is easily bored. Astrid enjoys novelty, which makes her an excellent tinkerer, but much less reliable when it comes to focusing on things long-term. Once something is understood, she tends to simply move on to something new and more interesting. Astrid dislikes commitment. Long-term commitments are particularly onerous for her. She prefers to take things day-by-day, and the feeling of being locked into something for a long time is downright oppressive. This can be a particular challenge in any romantic attempts.

{Alignment} Good


|☓|blonde hair|☓|blue eyes|☓|pale skin|☓|5'8"|☓|113 lbs|☓|

Face Claim - Elle Fanning
{Brief Description}
Astrid has an oval face shape, with almond-upturned eyes. She has full lips with straight, white teeth. Her nose is small and upturned. She has dark eyebrows for a blonde, a light brown. Her eyelashes are long and black.

{Childhood : age 1 - 1,000} Astrid was born the second child, first daughter of Stia and Stor Grinson. Growing up she was a happy yet serious girl who was quite wise for her young years. One of the earliest memories Astrid could remember was convincing her father to bring her along to the Imperial Palace of Asgard.

Astrid’s Palace Trip (view spoiler)
After that, Astrid went to the palace once a week on the fifth day of the seven to visit the All-Mother, sometimes accompanied with her older brother. Erik and Thor got along quite well together. The queen would spend the afternoon and evening with Astrid when she could, sometimes having to reschedule or miss a day due to her queenly duties. But Astrid didn’t mind, as she absolutely adored the queen. When she was at home she’d help out her mother, occasionally being watched by Erik when their parents were training. They went on like this for several centuries until a war broke out. The Grinson’s were called to help fight, Stia and Stor. Astrid was ten at the time, her younger sister, Ingrid, only five years old. With both parents gone and no one to watch over them, the All-Mother took on the responsibility and care for the three children, allowing them to live in the palace until their parents return. Several lives were lost in the war, including Stia and Stor Grinson.

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The Funeral (view spoiler)
Astrid grew beautifully, growing far more attractive by the day. She grew close to Thor and Loki, as if they were actually blood-siblings. She grew further apart from her brother Erik though, as he had closed himself off from practically everyone and wouldn’t even look at his sisters, who looked much like their mother.

{Teenage Years : age 1,000 - 1,784}

The Anniversary (view spoiler)

The Search for Ingrid (view spoiler)

{Powers & Abilities}
Superhuman Strength Astrid is superhumanly strong, able to lift (press) about 30 tons under optimal conditions.
Superhuman Speed Astrid is able to run and move at speeds much greater than the finest human athlete.
Superhuman Stamina The musculature of Astrid produces considerably less fatigue toxins during physical activity than the muscles of human beings. Astrid can exert herself at peak capacity for about 48 hours before fatigue impairs her.
Superhumanly Dense Tissue The skin, muscle, and bone tissues of the Astrid is about 3 times as dense as the same tissue of a human body, contributing, to her superhuman strength and weight.
Superhuman Durability Astrid’s body is considerably more resistant to physical injury than the bodies of normal human beings. She is capable of withstanding conventional injury including great impact forces, exposure to temperature and pressure extremes and falls from great heights without sustaining physical injury.
Regenerative Healing Factor Despite her natural durability, it is possible for her to sustain injury. However, if injured, her highly advanced metabolism enables her to recover with superhuman speed and efficiency. As with most of her other powers, the speed and extent of these powers varies from one Asgardian god to another.
Longevity Astrid ages at a more slow rate, but she is not immune to the effects of aging. Her body is also immune to all known Earthly diseases and infection.
Energy Manipulation These powers are mostly limited to changing her appearance or shape and teleporting across great distances.
Instant Teleportation Astrid has the power to transverse time and space, and travel faster than the speed of thought by piercing the fabrics of Infinity and travel to any destination she chooses, as long as it is in the world she is on. She cannot teleport to different worlds.

Instant Teleportation - Astrid has the power to transverse time and space, and travel faster than the speed of thought by piercing the fabrics of Infinity and travel to any destination she chooses, as long as it is in the world she is on. She cannot teleport to different worlds.

For weapons, Astrid normally has several daggers on her person, as well as a sword. She has a gun on hand too, although very few people know about it. The only thing noticeable is her sword.

{Line of Work/Occupation} Shield Agent

Biological Mother - Stia Irboindottir Grinson ~ deceased
Biological Father - Stor Grinson ~ deceased
Biological Brother - Erik Storson ~ 24 or 2,452, warrior
Biological Sister - Jade Stordottir ~ 12 or 1,253, student
Adoptive Father - Klaus Dalgaard ~ 60, retired shield agent
Adoptive Mother - Ingrid Dalgaard ~ 57, retired shield agent

{Other} Is plagued with nightmares and takes insomniac medication. She has had cases of depression in the past, although she hasn't talked about her past. All she tells people is that the past is in the past, no reason to revisit it.

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"Greed may not be good, but it’s not so bad, either. You think greed is just for money and power. But everyone wants something they don’t have."

{Full Name} Vanessa Rae Lewin
Greed, Nessa, Nessie

{Age} 17
{Date of Birth} February 3rd
{Place of Birth} New York City, New York
{Time of Birth} 1:24am

{Gender} Female
{Sexuality} Straight

{Personality} At least 2+ sentences.
{Alignment} Bad


{Brief Description} A brief description of the character, minimum of 2 sentence.
{Hair Color} blonde
{Eye Color} blue
{Skin Tone} pale, white
{Height} 5'7"
{Weight} 126 lbs.

{Childhood} Minimum of 2 sentences.
{Teenage Years} Minimum of 2 sentences.

{Powers & Abilities}
Greed Manipulation - User can sense and manipulate the greed, covetousness and avarice of themselves, people, animals and other creatures, whether by increasing, decreasing, causing or otherwise channeling greed, even manifesting the emotional energy to physical level.

Greed Negation - Users of this ability can suppress or negate greed, allowing them to cause others to ignore distractions and/or feeling from affecting their thinking-processes.

Greed Empowerment - Users become stronger, faster, more durable, etc. by greed of oneself and others, possibly unlocking abilities related to the affinity and enhancing the existing powers. Some users may be able draw sustenance from the greed or even slow or stop aging.

Avarice Inducement - The user is able to induce greed into themselves and others, inducing amplifying greed, or feeding on it to make themselves stronger.

Greed Detection - User can sense the presence of greed and the affects of it in themselves, people, animals and other creatures. They can sense the presence of others by sensing their greed.

Greed Constructs - User can change greed into tools, objects, weapons and other items, create semi-living constructs and/or create structures of varying permanence. Users who have mastered this ability can use it for almost any situation, creating anything they need.

{Paraphernalia} Weapons and Transportation.

{Line of Work/Occupation}

{Family} For each family member there must be Full Name, Age, and Line of Work/Occupation.

{Other} If there is nothing other for your character just put N/A

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