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message 1: by Desmondella (new)

Desmondella (treasuryoftomes) I was wondering if anyone can give me tips on ways to rate my books. I feel that I'm waaay too generous with my ratings and I'd like to know -in your opinion- what type of book each star represents.

message 2: by Nellie (new)

Nellie (imriela) Everyone is different. I go by gut feeling most of them time, so it's hard to explain. But generally, if I looooved the book and there were no problems for me, I'll give it 5. If there were some small problems or I just didn't looooove it, but I still really enjoyed it, I give it 4 stars. 3 stars, there is likely something that bothers me most of the way through or the story was pretty good. 2 stars, there is likely a lot that bothers me about the book or the story was just ok. 1 star is reserved for those that I loathe and did not like very much about it at all.

Hope this helps!

message 3: by Graham (new)

Graham Wilhauk (megamanchieffan) 5 stars- OMG! EPIC MASTERPIECE! Literally changed your life!
4 stars- Really good to really great.
3 stars- Average to OK
2 stars- Bad to below average
1 star- RUN.

Jen (chekherjoy) (chekherjoy) | 2 comments I used to be really wishy-washy in my ratings. Now I rate mine by how likely I am to reread it. It seems like something I can quantify better.
5 stars- I have to reread. Sometimes right that minute.
4 stars- I'll probably reread this in the future.
3 stars- It's not a favorite, but I could read it again.
2 stars- Not that great. If I had to or was really bored, maybe reread.
1 star- I don't ever want to read this again or I couldn't even finish it.

message 5: by Katherine (new)

Katherine Luca | 1 comments Graham's response is completely on point. I feel like people on booktube give five stars to any book that they didn't hate, tbh. It's really frustrating because I've bought a few books because of booktubers giving it five stars, then I read it and it's just average. Sometimes I feel like booktubers will say it's great and give it five stars just because it's a book and books are hard to write.

message 6: by Jessica (new)

Jessica Bowden For me personally:
5 stars: LOVE IT! There also has to be absolutely no flaws OR a singular flaw soooo tiny it can be easily overlooked.
4 stars: Highly enjoyable and would certainly recommend it. Maybe a few minor flaws - doesn't have to be perfect but still REALLY like it.
3 stars: Like it/it's alright. Quite a few minor faults OR a major fault.
2 stars: Didn't like it but don't HATE it. Many noticeable flaws both minor and major.
1 star: Like many others, this rating is reserved for books that I passionately dislike. Need I say more.

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