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Mistress Harley (mistress_harley) | 8 comments Super Librarians help me add my new book. Thank you!
* Title Eat the Poor: A Modest Proposal for Donald Trump to be President of the United States: Mistress Harley gets Political for the 2016 election

* Author(s) name(s) Mistress Harley
* ISBN (or ASIN) B018F26N28
* Publisher Mistress Harley
* Publication date
* Format - kindle
* Description - Mistress Harley will choose the next American President and she would like to make a modest proposal, let's eat the poor.

Mistress Harley is many things to many people, but above all she is rich. Wealthy rich, not rap video rich. I live and San Francisco and I’m from Hawaii, I have only expensive tastes. Recently I learned there are people who have little to no money. Money is the only thing that matters. The only thing I want is money that isn’t mine and that is your money. After finding no reasonable way to make these people wealthy I guess it’s time we eat them. Some sort of cattle feed or industrial fish food I suppose. After some research I learned that someone else already had this idea back in the United Kingdom. I’ve included that text as well, but mine is better.

Trump is coming and if you think this is a world of shit he’s stirred up in the Republican party then you haven’t seen anything yet. The rich are mad and we aren’t going to take it anymore. You don’t have to be the Wu Tang Clan to understand that cash rules everything.

Normally I am apolitical, but with the election on the horizon and endless legions of followers to hear my voice I must lend my opinion. Eat the poor. Let’s stop being pussies and go to war with the poor. We have already won and now let’s finish the job.

Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Democrat, Republican, Ben Carson all of them cannot be saved from my wrath!

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