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message 1: by Joshua (new)

Joshua Blum (joshuablum) | 14 comments Hi, took a look at your blog and review policy. Love this line "I am also interested in books that are diverse (race, gender, nationality etc), and in texts that push the boundaries of genre, or disrupt the typical paper-back experience with something innovative and interactive." Good for you! The publishing world needs some shaking up from time to time.

message 2: by Joshua (new)

Joshua Blum (joshuablum) | 14 comments I agree, those book are hard to find. I don't know if it's fair for an author to use those terms to describe their own stuff (biased, you know), but you are certainly welcome to read my novel if you like - The Thirteenth Hour. I don't know if it would offer exactly what you're looking for, but maybe some. It's really meant to be read in full color since the text alternates color depending on which first person point of view is telling the story, so I obviously had to tweak that for print black and white copies.

Here's some info you can check out:

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