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message 1: by Kaitlin (new)

Kaitlin (kool_kat_kitty) | 671 comments Mod
Hi everyone, this is the discussion thread for the first part of Dune which is called, very aptly, Dune. I hope we will all enjoy reading this SF classic and I look forward to hearing all of your thoughts, please feel free to leave them below but only discuss this section and please don't spoil other parts of the book!

What do you think so far?
Initial reactions?
Character you like/dislike?
How is the worldbuilding?

message 2: by Ungar5 (new)

Ungar5 | 25 comments wow, so many thoughts. (i wish the book was divided into more parts...)
im really loving this so far. i dont know if this is something that can be said about a lot of sci-fi (i havent read alot of sci-fi), but this book feel very much like a fantasy. barons, dukes, prophecies, magic(maybe?)...

i have to start with the intrigue. it is so great. my favorite aspect of the book so far. i loved all the plans, and backups, and backups to the backups that the baron had. and i loved even more that the duke saw through all of them - well, almost all... im intersted to know more about this "conditioning" that the D.r. had, and why everyone thought it so impenetrable. i was really bummed that the baron didnt die. (speaking of the baron - how hilarious is it that hes so fat that he actually has machines carrying his wieght!!)

that dinner scene!! i had my qualms with the Omni POV at the start, but im all on board after reading this scene. actually i read it twice, and i still think i missed about 40% of what was going on... i think they had rabbit, but im not sure...

at first i thought of the B.G.'s power as a deeper understanding of how people behave - reading niuances in a persons expression/mannerism. i really loved how it played out in the dinner scene. but now after seeing what happened to paul im starting to think if maybe its more like magic? im a bit confused there...

one of the things that im really confused about is at the begining, when the old lady tested paul to see if hes human... so, there are people who look human but arent? did we see any? are the fremen human?

message 3: by Kaitlin (new)

Kaitlin (kool_kat_kitty) | 671 comments Mod
Okay so I just finished part 1 and I have to say I too think this has a fantastical vibe to it. So far it's more of a political Sci-fi /Fantasy than it is a Space Opera or hard sf. Although we do have new technologies and it's set in Space on different planets and with different races it really doesn't feel 'convincingly' SF to me yet. Maybe it does involve magical elements. I'm still unsure myself.

Lady Jessica and Paul have of course been left on planet A (Arrakis? something like that) and the Duke is dead (but not the Baron-boo!) I too wish that the Baron had died because I can't say I much like him myself! You do have to give him credit for his planning and evasion though ofc.

As for Paul being the "one who points the way" I think that we all knew to expect big things from him as it's been continually hinted at. I like that he kind if has a Sherlock-ian style of thinking things through and seeing them clearly, and of course he has these weird dreams too.

I really thought that the Worms would have played a bigger part than they so far have but as yet they've not featured too much. I am sure later they will especially with them being in the Desert.

I think the writing switching from pov to pov is interesting but perhaps a little too annoying and obvious for me at times. I feel as though I would like a bit more mystery with my characters and it would have been maybe more interesting if we'd not known Yeuh (sp?) was the traitor for as long as we did.

Overall a decent start but hopefully it will pick up and become more of a story now. We shall see!?

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