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message 1: by J. (new)

J. Burton | 61 comments Hey guys.

I'm working hard on getting my "Star Travels of Dr. Jeremiah Fothering-Smythe" novellas compiled into a single edition for paperback, and preparing to write the first of my YA novel series, "The Sleepwar Saga".

But in the midst of all of this I had an idea for a novel that I can't let go of. It's called "Lawyers vs Zombies: The Legal Dead".

Here's an idea of what the beginning of the book might be like. Does this seem like something that people might want to read? It amuses me, but I'm unsure (due to my interest being spread out pretty thin already) how much energy to devote to developing this.


message 2: by J.W. (new)

J.W. Davis | 23 comments I'm not a zombie person. Personally I find the whole slow moving undead flesh eating thing too absurd for my brain to digest into a realm of remote believability. (my wife and daughter however are avid fans)

So, while I am not a good candidate to offer topic advice, I would offer this. If it sounds fun to you and you are excited about it, I would pursue it.

message 3: by K.C. (new)

K.C. Herbel (k_c_herbel) | 5 comments Not sure. Not sure there's enough for a whole book. Courtroom dramas with zombies...? And any repeat of the sort of action you've already got there could come off as too trite. Maybe if you have a zombie lawyer, from the Post-Living Anti-defamation League ... I don't know. Summarily executing a defendant (any defendant) isn't exactly legal, especially coming from the DA's office. I don't know. Maybe I'm just being picky, but there seems like a big gap in there somewhere. But I'm only one guy.

message 4: by J. (new)

J. Burton | 61 comments Thanks for the feedback, guys. I have many projects swimming about in my head - this one just came to me (title first!) and it's fighting for head space against my more established ideas.

If I ever did write this book, the plot would be that this relatively new DA Unit (in a world that has been forced to integrate zombies into the populace) is in conflict with itself. The main guy (here called "Steve Basciano" though that was plucked out of thin air) is very anti-Postlife Citizen, which clashes with the very civil-liberties-oriented female co-lead (here called "Jessie St Clair" for the sake of convenience).

Other characters are a young, enthusiastic and naive woman, and a by-the-books 30-year-old man.

Through one of their cases, they come across a plot by an extremist group of Formerly Living who very much fit the stereotypical "zombie" model. Because of the nature of the evidence, the police can't or won't do a thing, and the DA's office are forced to make the attempt to stop this forthcoming zombie apocalypse themselves.

Yeah, the idea of an Anti-defamation League is a good one. I would also plan for a zombie (sorry: Postlife Citizen) to be one of the primary figures helping to stop the extremists in their plot.

Anyway, it's all a bit vague for now, but the idea amuses me and won't leave me alone. I have many other things to do before I could really even think of writing this book (which I may or may not do anyway) but this chapter came to me all at once and I had to get it down and see if anyone thought it was viable.

Oh, BTW: that courtroom scene was not supposed to suggest a "summary execution". (Looks like I would need to rewrite that sequence carefully in the event of actually taking on this project.) The prosecutor effectively "won" the case when the zombie went for his brains, and the killing was a matter of self-defense after that.

(Plus, it's all a bit of ridiculous "Army of Darkness" silliness in the end.)

message 5: by K.C. (new)

K.C. Herbel (k_c_herbel) | 5 comments The idea's not without merit. Give it time to percolate around in your subconscious. Maybe when you come back to it, it will have more meat.

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