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The Bohemian Guide to Monogamy
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Andrew Armacost | 3 comments ***Bizarro Book Give Away (5 signed copies)***

Goodreads is facilitating a book give-away for THE BOHEMIAN GUIDE TO MONOGAMY (Bizarro Pulp Press, Nov 2015), a winsomely strange collection of short fiction that that explores the pain and pleasure of love and commitment, of family and monogamy. When holding the book horizontally, it will literally make love to your fingertips.

It's sort of a left-handed endorsement of conventional family life as well as an outlandish farewell to young adulthood, to that brief period of nearly unlimited freedom. The various stories feature a motley cast of characters including a corrupted Superman, a murderous midget, a talking sperm cell, and a very pissed-off Samuel Jackson (Pulp Fiction era, of course).

WARNING: this book contains strong language, strong writing, and lots of adult content (although all of the sex scenes have been certified as carbon neutral).

“Insightful, sagacious and deadpan to boot, Armacost has all the makings of a first rate satirist. This is a book to place on a pedestal and worship with irrational loyalty. More than just the keen observation of a highly imaginative writer, 'The Bohemian Guide to Monogamy' has an authenticity that plumbs the surreal, distracted nature of the male psyche in a way you won't come across too often. Highly recommended."
- Chris Kelso, author of The Black Dog Eats the City

This offer ends on 07 December 2015. Here’s the link to register for one of five signed copies (feel free to share):

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Lee Widener | 8 comments I'm entered!

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