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Dialouge in Ender's Game

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Sean Do you feel that Peter is more expressed by his actions of what he says (dialogue). He threatens his sisters life a few times and even pretends to be a nice person in school.
I also feel that his dialogue is a foreshadowing of the actions he takes and the events that happen from it. (Him trying to take over the world).

Michael Wei One thought is his words are part of his actions. He's a mastermind who likes to play mind games. His words are a big part of how he manipulates people.

Yu-Chen Lung Yeah. I feel like Peter's dialogue is really what makes him Peter. The way he talks is kind of creepy, and the first time I read that part, I felt sick that someone would do that. Also, I feel his words influence Ender in becoming the cold, alien-killer, ship commander that he becomes. I also think his dialogue is kind of predictable that he's gonna be a bad guy, but I would have never expected that he would actually take over the world. That idea was just too big for my brain. My brain went KABOOM when I first realized that he took over the world.

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Sean What are some other characters that are defined by their dialogue (in your opinion)? I feel that later in Ender's Game, Ender breaks down and shows he weaknesses and his strengths (like what his breaking point is) by what he says to himself or other people.

Yu-Chen Lung I think Major Anderson's dialogue when he's talking to the other officer is sort of strange. He's sarcastic in that old guy way, then with Ender, he's that roboto officer.

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