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A Discovery of Witches (All Souls, #1)
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Wendi Foos | 33 comments Mod
After reading the author’s description of the personality traits of daemons, witches, and vampires, if you could choose to be any of the three, which would you be? Why?

Dierdra Hunter | 10 comments I've been thinking about this question for a couple days, as I listen to the book and I think I've decided I would choose witch. While the other two have traits most would love to possess I really love the fact that the witches are mostly clairvoyant. Having that ability I believe would in most cases give you an advantage over anyone, human or not.

Wendi Foos | 33 comments Mod
I agree. Witch is what I would choose also. Daemons are called the "rock star" of the paranormal in the book...or something similiar. They are considered creative individuals and I am far from that. Being a witch would be fun and exciting. I especially like the simple things magic could do, such as laundry.
What do you think would be your favorite ability or power as a witch?

Dierdra Hunter | 10 comments I honestly can't choose one. I choose it all...LOL Cleaning the entire house in moments is very appealing!! The fact that Diana is "afraid" of her powers is crazy to me! I would for sure learn how to control them, and become the most powerful witch I could. I'm not quite half way through the book, so she probably does end up doing that, but to think she has lived her entire life not embracing this amazing quality is sad!

Wendi Foos | 33 comments Mod
I am excited for you to finish the book and find out more about why Diana doesn't use her powers.
One power I would love to have is the ability to fly or to transport yourself somewhere quickly. Haven't read much about this in the book but I hope it comes up.

message 6: by Julie (new)

Julie | 3 comments I finished listening to the book yesterday. In general I really liked it. It is very long and goes into great detail but most of the descriptions are wonderful, really brings things to life. Did not pay attention that it was a series! So, now I have to get the next one but I am looking forward to it. You had asked which creature we would prefer to be and I would say witch - you can do all kinds of magic and not live forever. I, too, would love to snap my fingers and have the house clean itself! But I think my favorite power would be to heal and to make some people stop talking!

Wendi Foos | 33 comments Mod
I felt the same way. The book was long and sometimes it did drag but it picked up and was a good read overall. The historical details were interesting and created a compelling plot for me. It is a trilogy and I have heard the other two titles are great!

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