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Riley The punctuation in the dialogue also fills the reader on how they said it so the tone has an important factor in dialogue too. For example on page 96 it says, "no one was mean?" Because he was assuming people were mean to him (we know that his is assuming this because there is a punctuation a question mark so the way you read it he is shocked) he is assuming this because he asked it in a question because before this he says No one was mean to me he conforms so he says it again to be sure because normally people are mean to him. By the way his tone is the readers can realize he is shocked that nobody was mean.

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Morgan Fodiman who is the character you are talking about? If it is Auggie, I agree.

Riley Yes it is Auggie!!

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Riley Morgan do you think there is anything else about how punctuation in dialogue helps the reader understand the tone?

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Morgan Fodiman I do not think there is any more.

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