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Did anyone else feel CONFUSED about the ENDING!?
Thebookdevourer Thebookdevourer Nov 29, 2015 01:53PM
I've just recently completed this book and I loved it. However the thing that is bugging me is that I have no idea why Shazi HAD to leave Rey? I'm with Tariq on this, I have no idea what Jalal and Shazi were on about. What will Khalid do? Why is Jalal so persistent on her leaving? And even though Shazi states that she's not afraid, when she clearly is, what is she to be afraid of??

I'm baffled to say the least by the ending. Is it just me or anyone else in the same boat?

Its alsl probably why in the next books blurb its says that Shazi is practically a captive. I think Tariq will do anything to make sure Shazi doesnt go back to Khalid.

Shazi has to leave because her life is in danger. Jalal made a decision because(1) shazi is willing to sacrifice to off herself for the curse to be lifted which khalid will certainly not allowed.(2) Rey is burning and the people of rey will turn to shazi or against khalid because shazi is supposed to be sacrificed and be killed in the first place but khalid fell inlove with her.(3)Khalid's uncle will do anything to get his hand on shazi to kill her because he knows she was khalid's only weakness. Jalal only suggested what he think is the best possible solution for shazi to stay alive because he knows khalid wont allow her to be killed or dead for that matter.

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Here's my take on the ending. (its long)

Shazi had to leave Rey because yes, it was on fire (lol) and secondly, Shazi had to leave because Khalid would -literally- do anything to get her back.
It was never part of Khalid's plan, to fall in-love with Shazi, but it happened, and you can't help who you fall in-love with. And part of the curse is literally tied to Khalid; even if we can't physically see it. Do you remember how Khalid was going blind? How his powers (of which we don't see) we're weakening? The old man who put the curse on him said (now I'm paraphrasing here) that unless Khalid kills an x number amount of girls to replace his daughter; because the old man figured that his daughter was surely worth that number of souls, (who Khalid was to take care of as her husband) his city would surely crumble, and eventually lead to Khalid's death?

And as to why Khalid dressed up in commoner's clothing and helped out: I'd like to believe that (as seen in his actions) he feels guilty that this had happened to his people. He never wanted this destruction to happen, but Khalid truly loves Shazi. And for that, he'd love to pay for his "sins" but Shazi would die for him.
He never wanted the destruction of his city, his people, to happen at all. And Khalid couldn't go out and help in his normal clothes because, hello, everyone hates his guts, they'd kill him. So he dressed up in commoners clothing.
And as to why Khalid had that reaction to when he found out the girls name was Shiva, he was shocked because Shiva is/was Shazi's best friend. She's the reason why Shazi volunteered to be Khalid's wife in the first place. Shazi's the reason why Khalid acts more human now. Shazi's the reason why Khalid reacted the way he did. Because he fell in love with her, and her stories. Shazi is the reason why he cringed when he learned that that little girls name was Shiva, because through Shazi, Khalid learned about Shiva in a light that he himself never got to know.
Khalid smiled, even if it was a little sad, because he figured that it was fates hand in slapping him in the face, reminding him of how awful that curse is. Khalid would wonder if the Shiva in front of him would end up like the Shiva that could-have-been, had he not had her killed to appease the curse. (And by now I would like to think that he knows that Shazi was kidnapped, so he was reminded once again what he truly lost)
That curse that the old man put on him? He has to marry, and then kill his wives at first light. He never gets to know these girls because of the curse and it was literally eating away at his humanity. That's the reason why Khalid was so mean, bitter, cold & heartless in the beginning.
And Shazi's stories are the reason why Khalid learned to slowly open up to Shazi in the first place: Her stories reminded Khalid of when he was a boy; when his own mother would tell him nighttime stories.

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Just my interpretation: It seems that the wives need to be killed in Rey when Khalid is present (maybe because the curse is tied to him?). That's why (I think) they told Tariq that Shazi was safe while Khalid was away that first time, because he never kills his brides when he is not in Rey.
So, if my theory is right, Shazi has to be in Rey when Khalid is there in order to die for the curse.
She's also "not afraid" to die to appease the curse. (That's why she keeps saying that it's their fault that the storm is burning Rey, she thinks it's a punishment from the curse, and she must die in order to stop it).
So, Jalal makes Tariq take her out of Rey before Khalid comes back. Because Shazi would have no reason to die if not to appease the curse.

Im pretty sure that if Shazi went back she would beg Khalid to kill her. She is the reason why everything bad is happening. So thats why Jalal made Tariq promise to make sure Shazi never comes back.

Idk, thats what happened Im pretty sure. I read this a while ago but Im pretty sure thats what went down.

I don't know about you guys but I was seriously puzzeled by the epiloge at the end...with the little girl being called Shiva and Khalid cleaning his city???

I did think that the ending was rather abrupt and sudden. I didn't really love this book and the ending is one of the reasons. I thought it was a bit random with not enough lead up. I'm not a huge fan of major cliffhangers and I feel like this ending was only there to flesh out the second book with a big long "separation" storyline until they eventually get back together.

......I'll still read it though...... like I need to find out what happens...
(goddamn cliffhangers) (so goddamn effective)

It's been a bit since I read the book but, I believe she had to leave because everything was on fire.

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