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message 1: by Sara (new)

Sara B. Ok, I have made this for the productive people in the group! You can create you own club for members to join! Here are the rules- 1 you can't have clubs about thing that are on the extra activities tab.2 you will add a topic in THIS discussion for each club. 3 each member can have up to 3 clubs. None of this is mandatory. 4 If you make one, you have to post at least 2 times a week. ( not counting holidays ). 5 on the comments below, you have to get my approval on your clubs topics. 6 if you post somthing against the rules( no cussing, or inappropriate behavior) you will banned from making another club, and possibly removed from the group. 7 you have to make a list of the members in your club. All right, sorry there are so many rules, but I want to make sure we are safe, and are not teaching the younger ones anything wrong. This is what you have to tell me in the comments to get a approval.

Characters name
Your first name ( only first for safety reasons )
Characters parent/parents
What you want your club to be about
How often do u think you will post?

~ Mods!

message 2: by Sara (new)

Sara B. So, nobody wants to make a club of their own?

message 3: by Keren (new)

Keren  (kerenhu) | 943 comments Mod
IDK yet, ideas?
2-3 days a week, 4-5 at most

message 4: by Sara (new)

Sara B. Ok, you need to tell me what you want the club to be about before I can approve you but it looks good so far!

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