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Is there a way to mark re-reading books?
Aleksandra Aleksandra Nov 29, 2015 08:18AM
I haven't seen one but if anyone knows about it, please share. If there isn't any, can Goodreads possibly think of a way to allow it? I feel bad that whenever I reread a book I've read in the past, there is no way to mark it here. It would be a great way to see which books readers love best!

Brilliant idea. I love rereading my old favourites.

I have a shelf for books I have revisited and also a shelf for 'read in 2015' etc so if I have read a book more than once I just add that book to that shelf.

I do wish they would allow for a reread because if you set a completed book as currently reading again you lose the information of the dates for the first time you read.

I agree with Anastasia. Just create a new shelf and mark the check box when you change the read/current read/ or want status. I do that for freebies and books I find on sale too. Or Favorites. And so on. You could have a shelf for ReReads and ReReadx3 and so on.

Maybe you could create a "re-read" shelf or add a new review with a comment like, "2nd read - month/day/year". I can only think of creating another shelf. It would be great if we could check re-reads, though....

If you selected a different version of the book than you read before (like hardback vs paperback) would that allow you to start your progress again?

deleted member Dec 23, 2015 05:24AM   0 votes
Yeah, you can shelf a different edition of that book, and also I was playing with my shelves once and discovered that there is a way to document how many times you've read each book,

What a nice idea! I do hope they manage it. C'mon Goodreads, it can't be that difficult.

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