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The long wait for the last book

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Anne Monteith I and waiting to read the last book. Supposedly the last book was to be released in October 2014, then it was October 2015 and now it’s May 2016. It’s the same with Kadin’s The Children of The White Lion Series. I understand about writer’s block and all the other delays that can move back release dates, but in at least one if these instances it is because the series has been sold, movies are to be made and the author is too busy working on that process to release the last book.

Do they not realize that it was their readers who made the books so widely popular that they were offered what will probably amount to be millions of dollars for the movie and/or TV rights? Will there be three movies or will they do what others have done for other trilogies and drag it out into at least four? Will viewers have to wait three to six years between each movie? I don’t think so; viewers are more fickle than readers, they don’t invest the time we do and since they can easily see something similar and not invest hours or days in reading a book they are not as loyal as reader.

Kris I agree, and add George RR Martin to that list!! I don't think "Winds of Winter" will ever be finished!

Kevin Well said, Anne. I really enjoyed the first two books but I've forgotten so many details of the storyline that I've lost all motivation to read the final book. I'll probably cave in and read a summary on Wikipedia.

IMO there is no excuse (barring illness or family problems) for such a delay. Very frustrating.

Leslie Barrett Garel I'm also disappointed at the long wait, and not sure how much I will remember since I read the first 2 so long ago. However, I believe I did hear that he sick, or someone in his family was. I'm sure his original plan wasn't to have it drag on so long. Things happen and can't be helped sometimes.

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Sford Kris wrote: "I agree, and add George RR Martin to that list!! I don't think "Winds of Winter" will ever be finished!"

We can add Patrick Rothfuss to the list as well.
"The Name of the Wind" ( also called The Kingkiller Chronicle: Day One) book one of a trilogy was published March 27, 2007
The second book, "The Wise Man's Fear" was released on March 1, 2011
Seven years later, the third book "The Doors of Stone " is still not published.

Sven Bridstrup I'm with ya about remembering the first two books. Well, I certainly don't remember much about the the first. The second one I'm just spotty on.

But, Cronin does a fair amount of "remembering" for us in this one. I am about half way through. Again listening to Scott Brick read it to me - the best way to enjoy these books, IMHO. It is not disappointing me so far. Does make me want to go back and re-read the first two, or at least the first.

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