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message 1: by Sara (new)

Sara B. Hey guys! I was think and I realized that some of you have never created a character, so I decided to help you out by telling how to do it! So first, you should go to the discussion labeled applications! Then, go onto The topic apply! There will be an application for you to fill out! When creating a character, you can make up anything you would like as long as it follows the rules! Your character is part of The school now so he/she will have to stay active throughout the rest of your time here. Thank a zillion for joining we hope yo u have fun! Don't forget to ask question and give us suggestions!! Thanks again!!

message 2: by Barrison (new)

Barrison  (ReverseFlash) | 12 comments Sorry but where do we go?

●SɛrɛnɑDɩrɛnFɑll~Hɛll ɩs Ɛmpty ɑnd Ʌll thɛ Dɛvɩls ɑrɛ Hɛrɛ● Barrison wrote: "Sorry but where do we go?"

You go to the folder named "Apply!". :)

message 4: by Barrison (new)

Barrison  (ReverseFlash) | 12 comments Ok.

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