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This is where you post your Regular Students once they have been approved by Myself or another mod.

The Outsider (Whales or Whatever) (davekatislife) | 105 comments (view spoiler)

❝You actually thought we were friends? How cute❞╬

↳[first name]: Kuro
↳[middle name]: Kanibara
↳[last name]: Akatsuki

♏ - Scorpio
Age➛ 17
⤿Birth: Oct. 25

Gender➛ Female
↳Sexual Orientation: Pansexual
↳Relationship Status: Open
↳Feelings for: None

Physical Apparition ➤

t e c h n i c a l ● d e t a i l s
✮Hair✮ Black
✮Eyes✮ Red, one has a clock in it
✮Scent✮ Vanilla
✮Height✮ 5'6
✮Weight✮ 134
✮Body Type✮ Curvacious
*Many years ago, she stabbed her own eye out. Her mother and father took her to the hospital and with their plentiful wealth, got her a glass eye. She chose the design to remind them that they only had so much time left. The days were ticking by, and they'd die soon of old age. And if not, she'd kill them herself. She hides her eye with one side bang.

Dressing Style➛
Kuro generally enjoys the older, more elegant attire of the Victorian era, puffy dresses and streamers. She has a particular fondness of dark colors and flowy skirts, though she can't wear the dresses she adores when on the clock. So she has to wear a school uniform, even though no one in E-Class does. She is somewhat of an oddball at school anyways.

❝Oh it's going to be fun ripping you apart!❞╬

History ➤
At a very young age, Kuro showed signs of being a socio path. She would purposely hurt animals, set traps around her house for her parents, she'd laugh when people got hurt. She in general was considered a very malicious child, and those traits carried on into her adolescence. She was even worse as a preteen. She was aggressive towards her fellow students, scaring many of them to the point that they'd do whatever she said. While she did catch the attention of many of the teachers, and was regarded as a nuisance, she went a little far when she murdered her teacher. And that's an understatement. Her English teacher was her least favorite teacher before the "accident". Ms.Willbury was the kind of teacher that always got on her nerves, the one that blamed her for the way she acted, when she could control herself half of the time. And so one day, she came up behind her teacher during lunch and kicked her down a flight of stair. The teacher broke her neck upon impact on one of the steps. Then the government, who'd been monitoring her for some time, stepped in. They took her from her parents, and they put her into an institution, a facility of sorts to rehabilitate her. Even though they were secretly training her and taking her on missions to take out big time politicians. By the time she was sixteen, she'd killed hundreds. She was a personal weapon to the Korean government. And when Korosensei came into the picture, Korea sent its finest in to attempt to defeat the problem. As reward, Kuro was promised something that she'd been dreaming about for years. To see her younger sister Ilita.

Personality ➤
While at school, Kuro maintains a bubbly and outgoing personality. She is witty, and fun to be around. But nevertheless, she still holds a dangerous disposition. Sometimes her true intentions slip into her innocent school girl facade, like her opinions on the world, literature, studies, family. She's a very violent person, and lot of the people at school will find this out within moments of meeting her as she tends to resort to violence when she can't accomplish something. She assassinates head on, cuts the bullcrap and doesn't usually come up with any kind of plan. Who needs a plan when you're entirely insane? Because of her training, Kuro's speed, and her strength, have both increased considerably, and she's very VERY good with a gun. Not a sniper rifle, or anything over fifty caliber. She's amazing with handguns, things with a smaller kickback. So Bebe guns shouldn't be too difficult for her to handle. She hates using toys to defeat her target, but seeing as she has no choice but to use them now, she can't really complain. She relies on her brute strength, but her tactical mind is weak.

[Main Traits]
❖Completely Psychotic
↳Kuro was hired specifically to take out her sensei. She was transferred from Korea and there she attended a public school for two years, but she killed her teacher with a pair of safety scissors and was taken to a facility, which is basically a modern day asylum. She shows signs of actually being a sociopath, as she never feels guilt, nor does she care for others.

❖Gore Lover
↳Besides killing just humans, Kuro loves gore in general, and she will slaughter animals for the purpose of ripping them apart just to get that small high that she gets from tearing a living creature apart. She watches a lot of horror movies that include just gore, and usually doesn't find herself getting afraid of them.

❖Haunted By Her Past
↳Kuro was used by the government as a weapon, because of her general under appreciation for life, and the fact that she is also entirely suicidal also helps her complete near impossible missions. But even a sociopath has their breaking point. Kuro is haunted by hallucinations, both auditory and visual. She is truly unstable.

↳Despite her situation, Kuro isn't afraid to at least show her silly side, she still has a sense of humor, though it's a bit morbid, it's still there. In fact, laughter is about all that she has left, and so she counts on it to make her feel a little bit better about herself.

✓ Killing
✓ Shooting
✓ Gore
✓ Blood
✓ Death
✓ Roses
✓ Clocks
✓ Horror Movies

✗ White
✗ Sandwiches
✗ She has a huge fear of caterpillars and bugs in general
✗ She hates drawing
✗ She can't appreciate art
✗ Math
✗ Science
✗ Calculators

✪ She can shoot anything within a half mile radius
✪ She's agile and strong
✪ Despite hating it, she's amazing at art
✪ She can play the guitar
✪ If she tries, she can be pretty smart
✪ She's great at being reckless

❏ Math
❏ Science
❏ Acting like a regular student
❏ Fitting in
❏ Understand emotions
❏ Her sister
❏ Dressing herself

✹ Hallucinations and panic attacks
✹ Starts hyperventilating when she's confronted with math problems she can't solve
✹ Can't take long tests without flipping out
✹ Can't remain in a silent room for too long or she'll hear auditory hallucinations
✹ Has insomnia
✹ Can't get sleep
✹ Is on several medications
✹ Doesn't have parents

❝The sins of your past will never leave you alone.❞╬

Theme Song➛:

The Outsider (Whales or Whatever) (davekatislife) | 105 comments (view spoiler)

❝Sometimes I wake up in the middle of these outrages. And I realize what I'm doing. And I internally start crying.. but on the outside... I just stare silently.❞╬

↳[first name]: Avalon
↳[middle name]: Anna
↳[last name]: Marie

♈ - Aries
Age➛ 17
⤿Birth: March 22

↳Sexual Orientation: Pansexual
↳Relationship Status: Open
↳Feelings for: N/A

Physical Apparition ➤

t e c h n i c a l ● d e t a i l s
✮Hair✮ Salmon Pink
✮Eyes✮ Sunset Orange
✮Scent✮ Citrus
✮Height✮ 5'4
✮Weight✮ 123
✮Body Type✮ Petite, even though she's surprisingly strong
*Despite her small figure and her seemingly passive demeanor, if angered, Avalon displays strength far superior than anyone would have expected. Though this has never been recorded by her school, or her classmates, as she does an exceptional job at hiding it from the general public.

Dressing Style➛
Generally dresses and casual wear, modest clothing. She seems to like cardigans more than anything. She loves sweaters, and anything oversized on her, which is about anything. She's pretty petite.

❝I... I've never had parents.❞╬

History ➤
Avalon was born in Germany, using the word born in lack of a better word for it. An arguably better way to describe how she came to be would be to say she was created. In a lab to be specific. Alongside a boy named Edward. She was used in the same experiment, and instead of losing some of the core functions of being human, she instead had a strength that was much more prominent than any other child. At age four, she was already able to lift things twice her size. She could lift one of the researchers who was a man who weight lifted by age nine. But that wasn't her main ability. No. Her main ability, the one that the scientists were so proud of, was her ability to harden her blood. At age ten, she fell down and scraped her knee. One of the researchers went to patch it up, but found that the blood itself had hardened. Avalon toyed with this ability for some time, and soon enough, she could make objects out of her blood. She usually molded a sword from this ability, a sword because she found swords cool, thanks to her growing obsession with anime and manga. By the time she was finally released from the confines of her lab, she had mastered this ability of hers, and vowed that she would never willingly use it against other people.

Personality ➤
Nervous, a little bit awkward, and whole lot of self conscious, Avalon has always been a bit quiet. She's not very good at anything other than fighting, and she's a pacifist, so fighting really isn't her thing. She hates blood, even though that's her main form of fighting whenever she's forced into it. She contradicts herself a lot more than she'd like to, and has a general lack in self confidence because she feels like the world is against her. She's difficult to anger, but when she does happen to be angered, she tends to break things without realizing it. Sometimes she'll get so mad that her desk will snap in half below her. While it's only ever happened once, Avalon is always making excuses as to why these unexplained things happen around her. Truthfully, she wants to be normal. She craves to be alone, because while she's usually always alone, she's never lonely. She's also a bit of a closeted weeb, and finds herself completely devoured by Japanese media because it helps her escape reality. She has no family, as she never had a mother or a father to begin with. She lives with two highly respectable scientists though, who watch her every move closely, and so she's put under a lot of pressure.

[Main Traits]
↳She lacks a lot of the needed social schools required to fit into an average highschool, so people in general tend to make her irrationally nervous. She twiddles her thumbs a lot in other people's presence, and she tries her best to speak up, but sometimes her voice just sounds like a squeak.

↳Again, due to her lack of the necessary social skills, she sometimes gains a bit of a case of word vomit, and she says some stupid things that aren't particularly acceptable in society.

↳Because of her outstanding strength, she sometimes has to wear gloves that lessen the sheer intensity of it. Though when angered, she becomes destructive to most anything and most anyone around her, even though she rarely gets mad. She has many holes in her wall from getting mad though.

↳Even though she's not good with people, she still wants friends. She still desires companionship, and it's this naivety that will probably be her downfall.

✓ Reading
✓ Crime Novels
✓ Science
✓ Math
✓ Language Arts
✓ Crafting things
✓ Boxing
✓ Singing from time to time

✗ Being the center of attention
✗ When people touch her anime or manga
✗ Talking about herself
✗ Herself in general
✗ Hurting people or things
✗ Being disturbed
✗ Being angry
✗ Tea

✪ She's okay at singing
✪ She likes to dance
✪ Her incredible strength
✪ Her intelligence when it comes to math, science, and literacy
✪ She's surprisingly good at cooking

❏ Ironically bad at P.E.
❏ Not a fast learner
❏ Hands on Learner
❏ Easily intimidated
❏ Easily flustered
❏ Naive
❏ Innocent

✹ When angered or flustered somehow, her hair will puff up like a cat
✹ She's very ticklish
✹ She hates reading regular books
✹ Her walls are all covered in anime related items
✹ Her favorite anime character is Zero from Vampire Knight
✹ She hates tea
✹ She has an obsession with chocolate milk
✹ She eats a lot

❝Hey. I think I want to have fun before the world ends. I can do a lot, but defeating a tentacle hentai monster isn't one of my strong suits.❞╬

Theme Song➛:
♛ Crosses

Spadez (or Kadyn) | 58 comments Mod

First Name: Futo
Middle Name: N/A
Last Name: Natsume
Nickname: N/A

Age: 18
Date of Birth: July 7th
Place of Birth: Romania
Nationality: N/A

Gender: Male
Sexuality: Gay
Crush: Frey
Relationship Status: Single

Appearance: https://nattopudding.files.wordpress....
Full Physical Description:
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Red-ish blonde
Height: 5'11
Weight: 140 lbs
Scarring or Markings: None
Dressing Style:


Description: Futo is known to be very loyal, dependable and caring. He has trust issues but when he lets you close to him, he wont let you go. He'll always be there for you, even if you want to just sit in silence and not tell him a single thing, he wont mind at all. He can also be adaptable and responsive. Despite being the youngest in his family, he acts more mature then others, despite the fact that he isn't that smart in school and hates to study. He's protective of his close friends and family, making it where if he were to be put in charge, he'd risk his life for them. However, its not always a good thing, which was shown years ago. (In history) He has bad traits too though, but who doesn't? He can be a bit moody, clingy and self pitying. He doesn't like when people touch his uke and he can be easy to anger at times, being more scary then, well.. 5 girls in one room on there periods with no pain pills. When he's with his uke alone, and in public, he can be a bit clingy, which will often let people realize they're dating, and sometimes his ukes dont really like that. He also wont always say it and no one questions it due to how cheerful he usually is, but deep inside he has hatred for himself and often compares himself to others, which is what makes him so jealous when his uke is around other people. He can also be a bit oversensitive as well. Sometimes you can tell him an insult and he'll be fine, but other times he'll feel hurt about it and snap back. However, he's not like that with his uke. If his uke were to insult him, he'd keep his hurt inside and just be fine with it, though if he knows his uke means it (Like if his uke tells him to leave him alone or that he hates him), he'll really believe it and show the hurt in his eyes and try to obey him best he can. But, usually he just plays it cool like peoples words dont affect him.
Deadly Secrets and Things to Know:
*Really nice unless someone touches his uke
*Known as a 'cool' guy, getting tons of unwanted attention
*May look like nothing special, but he's really strong when angered
*Protective and possessive over Frey, a little too much

History: Futo's history is unknown to just about everyone, unless of course you were friends with him when he was a child, or to his brother, otherwise, he refuses to talk about it with anyone, he usually just changes the subject. His parents were both assassins and went to this school, so it has always been Futo's dream to come here in his parents foot steps. When he was 4, his parents were out on a mission and were murdered, leaving him to be raised by his 14 year old brother. His brother was offered a scholarship but refused, claiming he wanted to raise Futo by himself and wanted to see if Futo had what it took to be an assassin. He even refused to let people pity them or let people try to take them in. He quit school early and took care of Futo by himself, including getting a job. His brother was smart, however, so it was always hard to tell that he dropped out at such a young age. Futo always admired his older brother, which is actually one of the main reasons he wanted to come to this school, because his brother wanted to but couldn't because he had to raise Futo. Futo tried his best to become stronger and stronger as he grew older, despite going to a normal school AND being held back a year due to bad grades, getting in with the wrong crowd, and getting in a bunch of fights. Due to being protective of his friends, when he hung around the wrong crowd, his friends would purposely get themselves in trouble just to make Futo fight, since they found his strength and techniques unique and interesting, they never seemed to care that he'd go home beaten up worse then his opponent. Futo got in his first fight when he was 13, and due to pure pressure, he sort of turned into a bad boy. He stole things, was in a gang and was someone everyone feared. Of course, after being accused of being horrible by his brother and actually punched by his brother, he snapped out of it. Of course, he sort of kept his feelings locked inside since then and went to being cheerful, because he didn't want to upset his older brother, or anyone, any more. By time he was 14, due to hard work, he was able to come to this school. However, he has low grades and is still somewhat feared, but not as bad as he used to be.
Favorite Things:


Father: Asahina (Dead) (view spoiler)
Mother: Kiske (Dead) (view spoiler)
Sibling(s): Older brother, Azusa (view spoiler)
Pets: None

Friends: Open
Enemies: Open

Strongest Subjects
◆Up close combat
◆Persuasion/being seductive
Weakest Subjects
◆Math/Language arts/etc.
◆Draws too much attention, too noticeable in public

◆Too much heat/Summer
◆Anyone touching or talking to Frey


Roommate: Frey
Level of Student: Regular
Area Of Study: Math, English and Language Arts
Assassination Preference: Persuasive and pretty good with guns too

Strengths: (Personality Wise.)
◆Being seductive
◆Frey (His strength and weakness)
Weaknesses: (Personality Wise.)
◆Frey (His strength and weakness)
◆Studying/anything class related that has nothing to do with fighting
◆Loses his focus too easily
◆Draws too much attention in public

Theme Song:

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[Name:] Gumi Hearth
[Nickname:] Gumi thank you, nicknames are quite peevish
[Age] 16
[Blood Type:] O
[Star Sign:] Aquarius
[Date of Birth:] January 20th
[Theme Song:] Tokio Funka by GUMI



[Gender:] Female
[Sexuality:] Heterosexual
[Relationship Status:] taken by karma
[Crush:] Karma
[Race:] Unknown, however is believed to be Oriental
[Religion] Religion is binding, in her opinion, and she hates people pressing it on her
[Species:] Neko, howere human on appearance

(view spoiler)
[Hair:] Short and wild green locks that seen to have a life of their own. She has a hard time 'taming' them to look presentable
[Eyes:] luminous green that have been reported to, supposedly, glow in the dark. Gumi wouldn't know. She can't exactly see her eyes in the dark. They are said to change with her mood, like, for example, if she's down they would tinge slightly blue. If she was angry, they would tinge slightly red, etc.
[Weight:] 45kg
[Height:] 155cm
[Scent:] Paint and new paper
[Scarring or Markings:] a tattoo on her left shoulder
[Clothing Style:]

(view spoiler)


Gumi appears to be an attractive, funny and smart young adolescent and very few men don't turn to stare after her and even fewer stick around once they get to know her. She can be extremely unpredictable and she knows it. She simply likes 'tickling' peoples brains and seeing them confused. She is extremely complicated and this is most of the reason she hardly has any permanent relationship bond with people. They usually get frustrated with her and give up. She can be bold and outgoing. She's bubbly and can be quite chatty when she's in a good mood. She can be extremely 'strange' at times and weird. She is extremely extroverted and loved to express this through her actions, words, and apparel. She loves bright, noisy and constantly moving environments. So it confuses people when she is said to be somewhat timid and prone mistakes when under stressful situations. She is rather simple-minded and eccentric, but, surprisingly, her intuition is very sharp, surprisingly courageous, and she has been considered a wise judge of circumstances and danger.

Not much is know about Gumi's past. She has lived with fister parents since she was five. She knows nothing of her real parents. The only memrobillia they left her was 15 lash like scars on her back. Thanks mom and dad. She has lived with her elderly foster parents. They were more like grandparents. When Gumi got into highschool, she was selected to be part of a class of assassins out to kill a certain alien from space. And if they didnt kill him by graduation, the planet went boom. Well imagine Gumi's surprise when she was put into the class. It was going to be one hell of a crazy ride.

[Deadly Secrets and Things to Know:]
- Is extremely ticklish
- Loves people playing with her hair
- She quietly purrs in her sleep

- Can sometimes be too happy
- Extremely innocent and sometimes doesn't know mature things (view spoiler)
- Extremely stubborn
- Can sometimes be too kind for her own good

+ An optimist
+ Excellent strategist
+ Smart both academically, philosophically, and contextually
+ Bright and colourful
+ Can cheer even the most evil, gloomy and cold people with simply a smile

[Favorite Things:] (view spoiler)
+ Green and neon orange
+ Hugs (she considers herself a pro)
+ Carrots
+ Paint
+ Smiling
+ Steampunk

{Other Details:}

[Stability:] 7/10
[Friends:] lots
[Enemies:] Not many
[Family] None
[Abilities] She is best at martial arts and hand to hand combat. Can also use a revolver with pro skil, but that's it

Level of Student: Regular
Area Of Study: Math, English, Art, Drama, Phis. Ed, Science, Home Ec.
Assassination Preference: Hand to hand and anything clean and easy to excecute
Roomate: Karma

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((Mind want to add Area of study and such. Along with Karma being a crush.))

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((Still editing))

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((And btw is karma her roomate?))

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Want to RP with them?

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Sure! Where at?

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Perhaps they could have been separated and she just transferred to be his roommate at their new dorm room. Separated as in the school system did so.

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So they share a dorm and class? Or not?

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All students will be in the same class. They are in E Class. Also i just made the dorm.

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Okay, so where are we rping?

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in their new dorm room.

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Cool. Ill post in an bit

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