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clairene ⍥ | 119 comments As Alaska and Asher approached the pool, she couldn't help but chuckle at his hesitant demeanour, wondering was it really that difficult to get a guy in the pool in clothes? For one, she didn't like wearing all those swim suits, being in clothes was like being in a water pillow, so it was super comfortable for Alaska. "Here we are, this place is very empty right now so you can make a fool of yourself if you want and no one will judge," Alaska tilted her head to give Asher a side glance, smiling at him.

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clairene ⍥ | 119 comments "If you don't jump in soon, I'm seriously going to push you," Alaska said and turned behind to look at Asher, holding her hands out in threat. Of course she wouldn't do that, but she was having fun looking at his reactions to the different things she said. It was like a thing for her, to speak casually and jokingly half the time. She took out her jacket that she was wearing and placed it on the floor next to her, taking out her shoes and stretched. "I'm all ready," she announced, smiling brightly at Asher.

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clairene ⍥ | 119 comments Alaska tried not to stare, but with his perfect body, it was really difficult. Then she cleared her throat and managed a smirk, "Let's go then." Within the next two seconds, Alaska had already jumped into the pool, cannon ball style, and made water splash all over the place. "Hurry up and come in, Mr Asher," Alaska teased him, and pushed her wet hair back, her brown eyes shining with pure ecstasy. She was excited that there was someone to be crazy with her, and what's more, a guy who's like hot beyond her imagination.

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clairene ⍥ | 119 comments Alaska turned around and grinned, "Doesn't it feel fantastic? Doing something you never thought you would try?" Then she playfully splashed some water on him, going down and under to appear behind him in case he wanted to splash her back. She was actually having fun and his grin almost made her heart melt at the moment - she would've accidentally drowned if she was not a good swimmer. Kidding, of course. Alaska smiled at the thought, and wondered how could such a gorgeous person exist on earth.

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clairene ⍥ | 119 comments "How dare you!" Alaska laughed and glared at him jokingly before swimming over to him and splashed more water at him, while using her free hand to get her hair out of her face. Detriments of having long hair? It clings to your face like glue when you're in water and it is horrible. "Come, I'm waiting for you," Alaska teased him and backstroked to another corner of the pool, looking at him ever so often to see if he was catching up. Her clothes were puffed up because of the water and she liked that feeling, it was like swimming in a water pillow, only more comfortable.

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clairene ⍥ | 119 comments "I---" Alaska wanted to reply when Asher pulled her ankle and she held her breath just in time, bubble forming when she went down. Then she got up and took a deep breath, glaring at him again before moving close and holding on to the ledge as well, threading water easily. "Here? It's serene," Alaska told him and let go of the ledge, floating on her back. Then she turned her head to look at him before adding, "And I can absolute fun with people. No one wanted to do this with me before, so more often than not I just jump in by myself." Her voice turned quiet, and then a smile broke out on her face again, "But now that you're here, we're going to play a game."

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clairene ⍥ | 119 comments Alaska answered nonchalantly, shrugging, well, as much as she could while in the water, "I guess my friends are all just too busy with learning how to attain their wings while me? I'm just a happy go lucky person. I don't like being too serious about things somehow." She then kicked a little and floated nearer to him, and with a push, she straightened and threaded water, grinning when he asked what kind of game it was. "One person will ask a general IQ question, and the other has to answer. If the person cannot answer it or gets it wrong, then the loser has to do something that the winner says, and they have to do it no matter how embarrassing it is," Alaska winked.

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clairene ⍥ | 119 comments Alaska smiled at Asher, glad that he had a grin on his face. "Well, haven't you heard? Ladies first, I'll go first." Then she went through her brain to try to find something that is a little tougher, and started asking, "Hm, what goes up and never comes down?" She knew it was used very much, but maybe if Asher didn't know it, she would already have the advantage to it. Alaska took the time that he used for thinking to float on her back again, trying to use her magic of perspective manipulation to manipulate her own perspective of the pool, making the pool look older than it was.

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clairene ⍥ | 119 comments "You're smart," Alaska smirked, and then went up right, looking at him in the eye. "Your turn," she added afterwards and started swimming around him in playful circles, splashing water at Asher ever so often. "And for the record, you're so tall, I can't even reach the bottom without my head submerging. Being tall isn't so good you you know," Alaska teased, also, admittedly, trying to distract him from coming up with a good IQ question. She had a feeling she was going to fail already, but she kept her expression in check, a smile on her face only as she stopped swimming, waiting for him to come up with a question.

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clairene ⍥ | 119 comments "Er..." Alaska thought for a bit and actually started to panic. She wondered if she would actually be the one who was punished and forced her self to calm down, thinking about what a golfer does best. "OH!" she exclaimed suddenly and almost lost her momentum, almost falling straight to the bottom of the pool. She grinned at Asher and reached out to mess with his hair playfully, "Is it because he might get a hole-in-one?" It was a funny joke, took her a while, but she didn't mind thinking about it. She then removed her hand from his hair smiling at him, "Am I right?"

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clairene ⍥ | 119 comments "I know, thanks, I like that name by the way. You can be the milk to my cookie! I'm joking," Alaska laughed and smiled when he swam backwards. "Betcha can't get this one right," Alaska said after a minute of thinking and splashing water, lightly yet playfully on him. "A girl kicks a ball, it goes like seven feet and comes back to her, how is it possible?" Alaska asked him, a small smile on her face as she was pretty sure he wouldn't be able to answer it.

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clairene ⍥ | 119 comments Alaska's smile widened into a grin when he got the answer wrong. "Well, one point for creativity, but the real answer is that she kicked it upward!" Alaska laughed, her eyes shining and reached over to mess up his hair again. "Don't pull the long face okay, I'll make you do something... easy," Alaska winked at him and went to his back. Then she leaned in and whispered, "Piggy-back me and walk in the pool." It sure wasn't that difficult to do, besides, Asher looked fit and Alaska was slim, so it was quite a good deal for both to be honest.

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clairene ⍥ | 119 comments Alaska smiled as she clung onto him, pressing her face against his broad back and breathing in the smell of him plus chlorine. Then when he posed the question, Alaska's eyes widened. She knew it wasn't a difficult one, considering how basic it seemed but her perspective of the question was towards the point of thinking of living thins. "Tall when young...." she muttered, and knew instantly she wouldn't be able to answer. "Er... a human?" Alaska asked Asher, knowing it was probably wrong. Somehow her brain processed it as a living thing.

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clairene ⍥ | 119 comments Alaska sighed when he told her that she was incorrect but then smiled at his answer, laughing even, "No Asher, you aren't a candle. You're a fricking ho--- never mind! You're a guy, yeah that's what I wanted to say!" Alaska mentally slapped herself for almost revealing what she thought about his looks and body, and force a grin on her face, trying to veer him off topic. "But hm... entire world? Well, I'm an open book as you might have already noticed. But I have one secret though. I'm claustrophobic. I adore the vast spaces, but even being in a classroom I'm like suffocating. It's a severe kind," Alaska confessed to Asher. "How can you lift an elephant with one hand?" she asked, smirking, knowing he probably wouldn't know the answer.

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clairene ⍥ | 119 comments Alaska was glad that he understood her claustrophobic problem, and heaved a sigh of relief. She did catch the confused look on his face earlier though,but brushed it off as nothing and smiled at him when he replied, laughing ass well. "Nah. An elephant doesn't have one hand! It has four! But again, points for creativity, Asher," Alaska told him and swam over to him, smirking. "So, your punishment is....to reveal what you think about me right now as compared to earlier in the coffee shop," Alaska said, knowing that she was going easy on him but the difficult part would come later; maybe she would even make him do handstands underwater, that'd be cool.

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clairene ⍥ | 119 comments Alaska laughed when he replied, and blushed at the end when he told her that she was easily likeable. She was often said as that, but coming from Asher, she felt like it was a major compliment by itself already. "You're pretty likeable yourself too, a good sport definitely," Alaska told Asher and messed with his hair again to try to deter him from seeing the blush on her face. When he asked the question, she couldn't help but sigh then smiled weakly, "Asher, I don't read, so I have no idea how to answer this question. You win this one for sure!"

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clairene ⍥ | 119 comments "I guess we all do, and please, don't get ahead of yourself; your next punishment is going to be worse, just a heads' up!" Alaska laughed and noticed that he left his messy hair just the way it was. She was glad he did, because she really found him looking way better if he had his hair all messed up. "Wow, that's amazing. I'd never thought of that question, much less the answer. I'll add that to my personal list of IQ questions to ask people," Alaska smiled at Asher and waited for him to give out her punishment, actually not minding to do anything difficult because well, she was adventurous.

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clairene ⍥ | 119 comments Alaska noticed that he was remaining so still, probably waiting for her response and she blushed when she saw that he was getting closer to her. She debated within herself whether to lie to him or not, but knew that if they wanted to be good friends she would have to be truthful; anyway a few words wouldn't hurt in the first place. "I wanted to say, that you're freaking hot yourself," Alaska told him quietly, swimming a little closer as well, her eyes looking downward as she looked at his abs, the water rippling around them lightly whenever he breathed.

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clairene ⍥ | 119 comments Alaska felt her heart skip a beat when he looked into her eyes and she fought the blush that threatened to rise. "All right then," Alaska laughed as he poked her cheek and poked his sides back, a small grin on her face. "I'm always truthful, I am an open book after all," Alaska told Asher as she swam closer and also thought for a tough riddle for Asher. "A man went into the bar, the bartender pointed a knife at him and in the end the man said 'Thank you'. Why's that?" Alaska asked him, knowing he most probably wouldn't get it right.

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clairene ⍥ | 119 comments Alaska felt as if Asher was about to give up and a smirk was forming on her face until he snapped his fingers and she nearly lost concentration, almost slipping into the water if not for her hand on the edge of the pool. Alaska sighed in defeat when he answered, but being a good sport, she smiled at him, "All right. You're correct, how are you so good at memorising? Would never remember what my mother told me like yesterday." It was trivial things that she forgot honestly, and riddles like that tend to get her stumped. "Anyway, your turn to ask. And we should increase the punishment level though, because asking questions is way too boring," Alaska grinned at him, confident, but was pretty sure she would regret it later on.

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clairene ⍥ | 119 comments Alaska giggled as she imagined younger Asher being tricked by his dad and grandfather, and tried to wipe the smile off her face, not wanting him to question her. She got up and sat on the edge too, using her hands to cup some water and splashed it on his thighs and body, that looked extremely hot. "Huh. What goes up...." she muttered to herself and frowned, all the while using the scientific explanation to her various answers. However she knew it was definitely wrong, but she had to give an answer at least, so Alaska said quietly, "Uh.... water vapour?" It was so scientific, and definitely incorrect but oh well, she tried. She would get him back for the that next time.

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clairene ⍥ | 119 comments "An umbrella? Seriously, Asher?!" Alaska shouted up towards him when he was on the diving board. She knew she would definitely be able to do the jump, her experience with parachuting said it all but she knew she had to fight for justice. However, before she could say anything more, Asher was already diving into the water whilst doing a flip in the air and her eyes widened. She muttered a string of curse words, but smiled, knowing it was all part of the game. She waited for Asher to resurface before going up to the diving board and stretched her stiff muscles, smirking. "If you can do it, so can I. And two times better," Alaska winked at him, and jumped up and down to gain the momentum. When she found it, she pushed off and somersaulted twice in the air, twirling once before tucking herself into a ball and fell straight into the water, bubbles rushing to greet her. She resurfaced soon enough and smiled, feeling way better than before, "Am I awesome or what?"

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clairene ⍥ | 119 comments "I know, thanks," Alaska laughed, and winked at him teasingly before swimming to the edge of the pool and holding on to it as she flipped her mental book of riddles for Asher. The one she was about to give would be rather easy if he thought hard enough, but she was unsure if he would get it anyway, so she told him the riddle. "What tastes better than it smells?" Alaska asked, wriggling her eyebrows at him as she playfully kicked water at his legs, and splashed some up his torso and chest as well, feeling more daring as their game progressed. In the mean time, she was thinking of the punishment if he didn't get the riddle right. A small smirk played on her lips as she came up with the punishment, and she hurriedly replaced it with a knowing smile.

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clairene ⍥ | 119 comments Alaska knew he was about to give up, she just knew it, and let out a small chuckle when Asher declared that he was giving up on the riddle. Then when he said she was old, Alaska rolled her eyes and scooped up some water, splashing it onto him after he leaned forward. "Firstly, I ain't old, secondly, the answer to the riddle is...." she kept him in suspense, a small smirk on her face. "A tongue!" she announced simply after a few moments of silence just for the sake of it. "Now, for your punishment. Hm... you need to do something that would make me blush, and I am someone who doesn't really blush," Alaska winked at him, playing with her hair subconsciously.

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clairene ⍥ | 119 comments Alaska laughed as he responded to her answer, and was actually surprised that he was pretty confident when she gave out the punishment. "I know I'm not that ol--" she was cut short when Asher suddenly cupped her cheek with his warm hand and when he leaned closer to her. Granted, she felt a tiny bit of his travelling up her neck, and his fingers felt amazing on her cold cheek. Her legs stopped moving as time seemed to stand still for that second; until he asked if she was blushing. "Nope not yet," Alaska grinned, snapping back into reality and gently pulled away, moving to join him in the pool and splashed him with the water as well, a small smirk on her face, knowing it would take more than a near kiss to get her blush out.

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clairene ⍥ | 119 comments (( S'okay! ))

Alaska thought she got off scot-free, and perhaps it would do something else to make her blush, other than kissing of course; and he did exactly just that. With his warm hand against the small of her back, and when they got closer, Alaska started blushing for real. Her neck turned hot and she lowered her lashes, her lips meeting his gently. "Shit, you achieved what I let you set out to do," Alaska murmured as she pulled away gently, still tasting his lips on hers. She was still in a sort-of trance state, because his feather light kiss was intoxicating, and she was utterly entranced by it. She didn't want the moment of intimacy to break, but she knew if they wanted to be less awkward, they had to move on. Maybe they should stop playing, she wasn't sure, all she knew was that at that moment she didn't want to pull her entire self away from him.

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clairene ⍥ | 119 comments Alaska rolled her eyes and laughed; and immediately it seemed as if the tension shattered and she rolled back her shoulders to relax her tensed muscles. She also didn't realise she was holding her breath, but recovered quickly, and spoke, "So, Mr. Asher. Do you want to start counting how many questions you got right? And move on to another place? I think there might be more people later on here though, looks like its about to rain and they might want to get shelter here." She raked a hand through her very wet hair and was almost tempted to use magic to solve her hair problem, but resisted because she knew if she started, she might accidentally use it on Asher too. It was as if that brief kiss was aeons ago, and Alaska didn't mind, because she could sense that if they were cool, they would be good friends, and she didn't want to make things weird for them.

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clairene ⍥ | 119 comments "Nah, you pick, I mean we can always go to my dorm if you want, I don't share it with anyone and it's quite spacious. We can watch a movie with popcorn or something, but again, your choice!" Alaska announced cheerfully as she shook the water out of hair out, squeezing them to make sure most of the water got out. She would have to take a shower when she got back to her dorm. Her shirt was clinging onto her body annoyingly, and she was pretty irritated at that, but she was the one who suggested it so she had to suck it up.

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clairene ⍥ | 119 comments (( Want to move to her dorm? ))

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Vee walked into the indoor pool, her eyes widening in amazement as she looked around. This place is huge, she thought to herself. She was already in her bikini that was a strapless top that had a big bow and was a close shade of link to her hair but lighter, and the bottom part patterned in black and white strip with a smaller bow on the front that was the same color as the top. Her pink hair was in a pony tail so it wouldn't get in the way. Vee's bare feet padded down the tiled wet floor. In her hands she held her bag that held her dry clothing's and towel. She was smiling, eager to get in the cold blue water. Vee looked around, wondering where to set her stuff. She was new here- anyone would know that due to the new pink hair in the school- and she didn't know what people did with there stuff she had thought of placing it in the locker room, but she didn't have a lock. Noticing a girl sitting at the edge of the pool with her legs in the water, Vee figured she could ask her to watch her stuff. She asked over to her and kindly said, "excuse me?" She said to her, not noticing the earbuds that was hidden in her white blond hair.

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Ƒᴀվᘔᴀ... {Iɱ Ꮗҽíཞᗪ} (lovefayfay)

Vee waited patiently. She started to debate rather or not the girl was ignoring her. She was going to speak again, that was until the girl moved to touch her wrist, or her watch, that Vee noticed the white wires. Oh wow. How could I be so stupid. Vee moved and gently tapped her shoulder so she wouldn't frighten her. She felt stupid, jumping to conclusion that he girl was ignoring her when really she hadn't heard her because she was listening to music. "Excuse me," she said again, already smiling so when the girl looked at her she would have a good impression on her, hopefully. Vee believed that smiling was a great way to introduce yourself, it was the reason she always walked around smiling most of the time.

Ƒᴀվᘔᴀ... {Iɱ Ꮗҽíཞᗪ} (lovefayfay)

The first thing Vee seemed to notice about the girl was her eyes. She couldn't describe it, but the iris part of her eyes seemed different, blurry. Only did she see the way the girl sacred at one place, which wasn't Vees eyes, did she understand what was going on. The girl before her was blind. Actually blind, or at less that's what she think. But she decided to not say anything about it, because she didn't want to be rude. It was the last thing Vee would ever want to be, and with the way the girl spoke to her, she wouldn't dare. "Um... I was hoping, if it's okay with you, if you could watch," great what a perfect choice of wording," my stuff while a swim for a while?" Vee asked her, for some reason still smiling. So what she couldn't see, nothing was wrong with being kind.

Ƒᴀվᘔᴀ... {Iɱ Ꮗҽíཞᗪ} (lovefayfay)

Vee noticed the smirk. She did feel stupid. She thought of apologizing, but she still didn't want to bring up the fact that she was blind. She probably knew that Vee figured it out already, but she still didn't say anything about it. She gave her space to move and pull her legs out before moving to set her bag next to her, making sure it was slightly touching her so she would know where Vee placed it and that she had already set it down. Vee didn't worry about the girl going through her bag since she seemed nice enough to trust, and since she was blind. But that wasn't really the reason. It was Vees first time meeting a blind person, speaking and handling things with. It was... Interesting. "Thanks so much," Vee said to her and stood up straight, kicking her sandals off. Her tone sounded happy, and why wouldn't she be. She was going to swim. "If you need anything or plan on leaving just call me. My name is Vee." Vee said to her. She would hold out her hand to shake, but how would the girl know if she was supposed to shake back.

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Ƒᴀվᘔᴀ... {Iɱ Ꮗҽíཞᗪ} (lovefayfay)

Vee looked down to the out stretched hand, and moved to shake it. "It's nice to meet you Pages," she said to her before letting go of her hand. She really did seem like a nice person. She wondered though, being blind, did she have friends. She had a great personality, but would people bother to befriend her because she can't see? Or does she push people away? Vee hoped neither of them were true, because everyone deserves to be happy. That's how Vee was. Ever since she was little, she likes to see people smile, especially if she was the reason. Vee glanced back to the water, a grin already plastered on her lips. But before she could jump in she said, "hey.... Do you want to join me?" The asked her. "I'll make sure to be next to you." Vee didn't want the girl to just wait for Vee to swim and have fun as she watched her stuff. She would prefer for her to have fun too, and she made sure to assure the girl she'll be with her. Yah, no one would watch herself like she planes, but so what.

Ƒᴀվᘔᴀ... {Iɱ Ꮗҽíཞᗪ} (lovefayfay)

Vee heard the panic in her voice. She understood why she would be frightened. If she was blind, she too would be scared. In fact, Vee would be lying if she said she wasn't afraid. Vee wasn't a good swimmer. But that wasn't enough to stop her... Actually if it wasn't for the shallow part of the pool then she would be stopped. Still, she wouldn't go to the deep end. So now she could have fun. "You sure?" She asked Pages. "I won't let go of you unless you say so, and we won't go to the deep side." Vee promised, trying once more to convince her in join her.

Ƒᴀվᘔᴀ... {Iɱ Ꮗҽíཞᗪ} (lovefayfay) (view spoiler)

Vee smiled. She was glad to see the girl happy about that idea. "Don't worry. Here, let me help you up." She said and held out her hand for Pages to take. She just hoped that no one would bother them or try to mess around with them, because if something were to happen to the girl she would struggle to save her. She wasn't a good swimmer not was she a life guard. But there were barely anyone here so hopefully no one would mess around with them. "You have something to change into, right?" She asked her.

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