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Caoimhe knew that she was kind of OCD but she really couldn't help it. That was why she wasn't able to sit down and read until the books next to her were arranged in alphabetical order according the last names of the author. Sometimes it annoyed her that she felt the need to make everything around her organised, neat and tidy but she'd learned to accept it. When she was satisfied with the books, she sat back down in the chair and picked up the cliche romance novel she was reading. It was a bit of a guilty pleasure that she almost always indulged. Out of the corner of her eye, she noticed a cute guy walking past and discreetly stared over the top of her book. Sighing once he'd left, she shook her head and continued to try and read. She really needed to get out more, meet people, make friends but she didn't see it happening any time soon.

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Caoimhe was biting her lip, engrossed in the book she was reading. She was such a sucker for romance but that was a bit of a given considering who her mother was and where she was. She didn't even notice the girl sitting in the seat across from her and barely heard the greeting she gave. Eyes widening slightly, she lowered the book to see a girl smiling at her. Immediately, Caoimhe felt her chest tighten slightly as she wanted to run away but she couldn't. This was the opportunity that she was waiting for. She could hear her brother urging her to branch out and make friends, something she hadn't really done since she got to the school. "Uh hi, yeah, no it's no problem at all," she replied, giving her a small smile in return. She was about to go back to her reading but she heard Eoghan in her head once more. "Uh, I'm Caoimhe," she introduced, honestly hoping she could understand her accent because she'd met a good few students who couldn't.

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Caoimhe reached out and shook the girls hand, smiling a bit wider at her before taking her hand back. "Oh I'm from Ireland," she answered, not finding her accent cool at all. Annoying? Yes. Hard to understand. Yes. But cool? No. With the amount of students from other foreign places that had exotic accents and elegant languages, she definitely thought her accent would be placed last. She returned to her book, looking up with slightly widened eyes, surprised when Drew spoke to her again. "Yeah. Well I've caught up on all my tv shows and Netflix hasn't added any new movies recently that I'm interested in so I'm hoardin' romance novels to keep me busy," she answered with a light laugh, holding up her book for a moment before resting it back down on the table. "You doing homework?" she asked, raising her eyebrows slightly as she did.

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Caoimhe nodded, looking down at the table with a slightly nostalgic smile on her lips. "Yeah, I miss home. Though I suppose most people around here do. It's just weird when no one understands the slang and stuff and then you have to repeat things over and over again till people understand. It's an effort," she replied with a light laugh, looking back up at Drew and shrugging. She grimaced slightly at the mention of Chemistry homework, shaking her head slightly. "Ew, chemistry. I used to be great at chemistry at home but this class is just strange. Less actual chemistry and more love chemistry," she said with a small frown, going back to her book. Caoimhe looked up as she heard the books shuffle around. "Ooh, you draw?" she asked, finding it strange that she was talking a bit more than usual.

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Caoimhe laughed lightly, nodding her head. "Yeah, this place sure is strange," she said, brushing a piece of hair behind her ear. Her eyes widened slightly at Drew's mumbled and she shook her head. "Oh gosh hun, you don't have to say anything, it's cool. Your business is your business," she replied quickly, not wanting the girl to feel pressured or uncomfortable after she'd finally managed to pluck up the courage to actually talk to someone. She didn't want to scare her off after their first conversation. "Oh, I'm Caoimhe," she answered, forcing her eyebrows not to furrow. She'd really thought that she'd told the girl her name but it must have just slipped her mind. "I'm not artistic at all so I'll take your word for it. I can't do it but art is always something that I appreciate."

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Caoimhe laughed, shaking her head at Drew's comment. "Oh it's not unique at all. Maybe outside of Ireland but I swear there must have been at least three other Caoimhes just in my year alone. It's quite a popular Irish name," she replied with a shrug, not really minding that it was quite common. She liked having an Irish name, it reminded her of her mother and even though she wasn't close at all really with her, it still felt nice to have that bit of a connection. "Oh I love the theater. Can't act for my life and I will never subject you to the torture of my singing but I just love going to see plays. I used to go all the time," she told her, quickly feeling comfortable now that she'd gotten to know her at least a bit. It didn't take long for her to warm up to someone. She just couldn't stand the awkward introductions and the fear of rejection.

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