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◆ When making your characters, please use the template provided. If you're using your own template, please use every field in your own template.

◆ Post unfinished characters in the workshop and put them in spoilers. When you're finished your characters, you can make your own thread and post all of your characters in your own thread.

◆ All characters have the powers to make matches, pretty much forcing people into love to a certain extent. Every cupid has the ability to do this. Characters with prestigious claims that are children or grandchildren of love related deities can have extra powers to do with love and matchmaking and all of that.

◆ When you're using powers to make matches, please make sure that the other characters involved are alright with you doing it.

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Thanks Demi ^.^

DemiDragon ~ [semi hiatus] ~ I still dream in indigo when you're around No problem, glad to help~ :)

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This thread has been moved with the character template thread in order to reduce clutter and will be locked so the information will still be here.

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