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Calasic and Avery

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☆dani rae☆ (danthaman) | 119 comments Thanks! Are you up for romance?

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☆dani rae☆ (danthaman) | 119 comments Okay! Can I be the girl..?

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☆dani rae☆ (danthaman) | 119 comments Thanks again! :)
Do you want to make characters or just jump in? Also, should there be a plot line, lol?

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☆dani rae☆ (danthaman) | 119 comments You want to make the plot?

Name: Amber Smith

Age: 19ish

Personality: stubborn but sweet, caring, humorous, sarcastic, adorable, brave, completely extroverted, once she starts smiling, she can't stop


-ice cream
-the sky

-obnoxious people
-annoying people
-not being carefree
-tests and anxiety, school

Flaws: always laughing; sleeping all the time; always being shy around her crush

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☆dani rae☆ (danthaman) | 119 comments I'll try a different picture.
You want to think of a plot?

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☆dani rae☆ (danthaman) | 119 comments
(her laugh- not appearance.. I love Selena's laugh though)

Whats your idea?

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☆dani rae☆ (danthaman) | 119 comments I also have an idea. :)

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☆dani rae☆ (danthaman) | 119 comments ~Classic~Dani~Rae~{You Can't Label Me} wrote: "I also have an idea. :)"

Amber has a tragic breakup when her boyfriend cheats on her and he runs away with another girl. Amber, as her dramatic self, goes to her best friend (Victor) for comfort and ends up falling for him.
? Something like that?

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☆dani rae☆ (danthaman) | 119 comments :) Want me to start?

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☆dani rae☆ (danthaman) | 119 comments [Try to keep it pretty advanced, unless you can't think of ANYTHING else. Yeah, please try to make it more than four sentences at first..]

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☆dani rae☆ (danthaman) | 119 comments Amber fell into the warmth of her bed, trying to keep the tears away. She sat up and covered her face. "Come on, Logan! Why do I still get so worked up over you! I should be over you," She said with a sigh. She put her hands down and she felt the tears threaten her again. She hated him. Why did he do that..? Why did he he still take over her thoughts?

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☆dani rae☆ (danthaman) | 119 comments Amber threw her hair up into a messy pony tail and she put of her grey sweater and dark-washed skinny jeans. She walked downstairs and made herself sandwich but didn't feel like eating it. She sat on the counter top and leaned her blonde head against the cabinet behind her.

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☆dani rae☆ (danthaman) | 119 comments Amber didn't open her eyes or move. She sat there and a tear rolled down her cheek. Her face was tilted up and she wiped the tear from her face. She shook her head, taking a deep breath. She really just wanted to sleep and do nothing. She hated how she couldn't get him from her head. She still didn't move, but she knew Victor was there.

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☆dani rae☆ (danthaman) | 119 comments Amber bit her lip and looked up at him. "I will be," she said, paused, then whispered, "eventually.." She just wanted a hug. She looked into his eyes and for once, Logan disappeared. She looked away and he was back. She looked back up at Victor. "Thanks for there for me, Vic," she mumbled.

((Can she call him that? Lol))

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☆dani rae☆ (danthaman) | 119 comments She got off the counter but she was just pressed up against him. She blushed but tried convinced herself that she didn't like him. She didn't but she didn't know it wouldn't always be that way.

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☆dani rae☆ (danthaman) | 119 comments Amber giggled softly and smiled innocently up at him. She wrapped her arms around his neck and sat back up on the counter. She brought him closer.

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☆dani rae☆ (danthaman) | 119 comments Amber buried her face into his neck and breathed in his cologne. She thought it seemed familiar. It was the same as Logan's.. Why couldn't she just enjoy the moment? She just wanted this in the moment thing. She wrapped her legs around his waist and pressed her torso into his.

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☆dani rae☆ (danthaman) | 119 comments Amber moved her face so that she could look at him. She pulled his head close to hers so that their foreheads were touching. She bit her lip and her heart fluttered. She wanted to know the scent as Victor, not as Logan. She brought herself closer against him, if that was even possible at that point.

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☆dani rae☆ (danthaman) | 119 comments Amber, for some reason, wanted more. She had never been this attracted to him before. She smiled and giggled, closing her eyes. She opened them back up and looked into his eyes. Amber ran her fingers through his hair and she blushed deeply when she noticed how close they were.

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☆dani rae☆ (danthaman) | 119 comments She bit her lip when she saw him blush. She moved her face closer to his and their lips were almost touching. She licked hers instinctively. She closed her eyes, trying to savor the moment. She bit her lip and it slowly slipped out because of her moistened lips. Her lips eventually escaped her teeth and she smiled, her eyes still closed,she pressed harder against him.

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☆dani rae☆ (danthaman) | 119 comments ((Her torso mainly, not her face.. lol. And, pretty hard?))

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☆dani rae☆ (danthaman) | 119 comments She bit her lip again as she smiled. She eventually stopped and pressed her lips into his. Her lips tingled. She had done this many times before, but it was only a fantastic, new sensation because it was Vic. She moved her mouth in perfect sync with his and she was savoring this moment hard.

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☆dani rae☆ (danthaman) | 119 comments She smiled briefly before passionately kissing him back. It was finally Victor and less of Logan. She pulled his head closer to hers and she melted into it. She licked his lip but quickly returned to kissing him.

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☆dani rae☆ (danthaman) | 119 comments She accidentally moaned and hoped he couldn't hear it. She licked his bottom lip again and kissed him fiercely. She stood up, now off the counter. She went on her toes so she could reach him better. She broke away, looking down and filling her lungs with his cologne. She looked back at him and instantly pressed their lips back together.

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☆dani rae☆ (danthaman) | 119 comments She never moved her arms from his neck. She shivered when his arms snaked around her. She smiled and kissed him harder. She bit back another moan and moved her hands to her shoulders. She ran her hands down his back once before tangling them through his hair again. She wrapped her arms tightly around him.

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☆dani rae☆ (danthaman) | 119 comments "Victor," she whispered, leaning her head against his chest. She yawned and closed her eyes. Her arms fell from around his neck and she just stood there. "I'm sorry," she whispered. She took a step back.

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☆dani rae☆ (danthaman) | 119 comments She stepped back toward him and hugged him. She nodded and knew that she did like him. She bit her lip, trying to hide a smile.

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☆dani rae☆ (danthaman) | 119 comments She kept smiling to herself and she moved away. She walked over to the couch in the living room and laid down. She put her hands over her face and she yawned again. She felt extremely tired.

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☆dani rae☆ (danthaman) | 119 comments "Awake enough for what?" She mumbled, eyes closed. "I like to sleep..," she whispered, 'but you can stay here. It's kind of lonely. My parents are in California.. for another month." She yawned again and curled up.

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☆dani rae☆ (danthaman) | 119 comments She bit her lip and sat up slowly. "My bed..?" She stood up and lazily shuffled toward the stairs. She secretly hoped he would sleep there too. This wasn't only a break from Logan, but she was was falling for him too. She out one foot on the bottom step and looked back at him.

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☆dani rae☆ (danthaman) | 119 comments "No, you're fine," she said, taking his hand and she ran up the stairs. She opened her bedroom door and walked in. She instantly collapsed into her bed with a smile. She laid on her back, eyes closed, her smile bright.

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☆dani rae☆ (danthaman) | 119 comments ((Blue and light blue chevron on one wall and the rest are a dark grey.))

She sat up and grabbed his hand a second time. She pulled him toward her and snuggled into his side. She had plenty of experience since Logan was a bad boy. Amber's goodness had rubbed off somewhat onto him and she had gotten some of his badness. There was one thing Amber was afraid of, and she only told one person. Her biggest secret was shared with Logan one night when they realized their love for each other. That's where she drew the line. She at least had some boundaries after she'd been with Logan.

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☆dani rae☆ (danthaman) | 119 comments She quickly fell asleep and smiled to herself. In her sleep, she moved her head onto his chest.

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☆dani rae☆ (danthaman) | 119 comments ((skip?))

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☆dani rae☆ (danthaman) | 119 comments ((Morning time!))

She woke up with half of her body on top of his. She was laying on her stomach and she buried her face in his neck. In an attempt to wake him up, she kissed his neck. She moved her head away, laughed, and kissed his lips.

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☆dani rae☆ (danthaman) | 119 comments She continued to kiss him. She would stop when he kissed her back, because then she's know he was awake. Amber positioned herself over him a little better and laughed inwardly.

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☆dani rae☆ (danthaman) | 119 comments Amber sat on the edge of her bed and threw her hair up into a messy bun. She laid back down and sighed. "What do you wanna do? I should probably get dressed.." She sat up again and rested her head in her palm.

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☆dani rae☆ (danthaman) | 119 comments She stood up and hugged him. She moved away and nodded. "There's a bathroom in the hallway if you want to use it. I'm gonna shower," she said. She wouldn't allow them to be in the same room let alone be in the same bathroom at the same time. She stood up, grabbing some clothes before heading to her own bathroom. She waited in the doorway.

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☆dani rae☆ (danthaman) | 119 comments Amber nodded and dropped her stuff in the bathroom. She walked to the door and opened it. A few door down, through the hallway, she reached the bathroom. She looked around and realized the doors, that were opposite each other, stood in between others. There would be two doors and on the opposite side, the door was in between them. All of her life, she never realized it. She thought it was really cool. Her bedroom was at the end of the hallway, but if you turned right, there was another hallway. Her parents bedroom was downstairs. Down the right hallway, at the end, was the movie/living room.

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☆dani rae☆ (danthaman) | 119 comments She nodded with a weak smile. Her fingers were tingling. She hated being near people when there was a bathroom. That could be the same with beds, but nothing had ever gone wrong in a bed with her. Logan had always made sure of that..

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☆dani rae☆ (danthaman) | 119 comments Amber nearly choked as she turned away. She gasped for air and hurried to her room. She slammed the bathroom door and locked it as she started to hyperventilate. She eventually slowed her breathing and got in the shower. She sat on the ground, letting the hot water singe her skin. She started crying. She quickly showered and dressed. She leaned against the bathroom door. She tied her drying hair into a bun and sighed. She sat on the toilet lid and covered her face with her hands.

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☆dani rae☆ (danthaman) | 119 comments ((She's just freak out because she was abused..))

She tried to calm herself down and she looked down at her white high-top converse. She was wearing them along with short jean shorts and a loose tank top. She needed to get over this fear. She couldn't ruin other peoples love because she 'couldn't love them back'. She could, she was just afraid.

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☆dani rae☆ (danthaman) | 119 comments She shook her head, trying to clear her thoughts. She knew Victor wouldn't do that to her. She walked into the hallway and met up with Victor. "You hungry?"

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☆dani rae☆ (danthaman) | 119 comments She nodded and took him downstairs. She grabbed his hand, lacing her fingers through his. "What's a good breakfast food?" She asked.

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☆dani rae☆ (danthaman) | 119 comments "Do you know how to make them?" I asked, because I had no idea. I walked into the kitchen and looked around. I shrugged, smiling sheepishly.

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☆dani rae☆ (danthaman) | 119 comments Amber sat on the counter, out of his way. "Mmm," she said, closing her eyes with a smile. She opened them and looked around before looking back at Victor. She watched him make the food and she licked her lips.

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☆dani rae☆ (danthaman) | 119 comments She smiled and nodded. She hopped off the counter and sat at the table. She took a crepe and started to eat it. She smiled again as she did.

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☆dani rae☆ (danthaman) | 119 comments "They're delicious!" She said and ate another one. She became full and sighed in satisfaction. She stood up and walked over to the couch.

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