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Once Bitten, Twice Die (The Blood of the Infected #1)
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Antony Stanton (antonyjstanton) | 30 comments My first ever book, 5 long years in the writing and production, published on Amazon today. On discount till 30/11. The book blurb is, as follows... Hope you enjoy.


Once Bitten, Twice Die by Antony J. Stanton
'The Blood of the Infected' series, Book 1
Be amongst the first to witness the dawn of a new sub-genre of horror fiction: Dystopian Gothic Realism; a trilogy of post-apocalyptic novels where science-based fact makes for a realism of gothic horror like none you have ever read.
Do you think you are familiar with everything to do with zombies? Think again.
If you believed you knew vampires, you know nothing.
Do you feel ready for Armageddon? You couldn't be further from the truth.
A cure for dementia has disastrously failed. Patients are left crazed, infectious and enraged. The ensuing carnage quickly spreads the disease, and civilisation is decimated.
On London’s outskirts a military base shelters some survivors. The soldiers within must battle against the infected who now roam unchallenged. Tensions are high, relationships fraught, death commonplace.
But if they thought the end of the world was bad enough, their troubles have only just begun...
An ancient menace has long existed in secret alongside humanity - a vampire clan, which has recently encountered the soldiers. Now is their time to emerge from the shadows. First though they have to overcome their own problems. They too have to fight for survival against the infected, and they violently disagree on their approach towards the humans.
Hostilities are rising. It's only a matter of time now... In an uncertain world only one thing is certain, there will be blood!

“A knockout first novel, very unpredictable. An exciting, new angle on a well-loved genre." - T. Teodorczuk, Evening Standard

"A cracking first book and a must read for any fans of the zombie/vampire genre. The data and the detail throughout the book plus the development of the characters made this a compelling story and I am thoroughly looking forward to Vol 2." - Amazon customer

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Antony Stanton (antonyjstanton) | 30 comments The paperback is still on Amazon discount, and a signed copy of the book is currently available in the 'Giveaway' section of Goodreads...

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