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message 1: by Rian (new)

Rian Nejar (riannejar) Hello All,

I do not know if a previous thread on this topic has been active, or if this thread belongs in this group folder. Nevertheless, making connections through Twitter (and blog pages) is a critical part of author-reader engagement, no?

I think connecting with new readers and other authors expands cyber reach, publicizes one's information and updates, and generally makes for a livelier cyber presence... I hope this thread can help more folks of the group connect this way with each other, and increase mutual social connectivity.

Here's my information below. Others keen on connecting in this manner (or opposed to it :-)) - please add your thoughts and information below!

I've included links to my author page and book on Goodreads so you know of shared interests...

Rian's blog at Wordpress

-- Rian Nejar, author of Humbling and Humility

message 2: by Richelle (new)

Richelle Hi I mine are http//
My twitter is @readlearnshine

message 3: by Rian (new)

Rian Nejar (riannejar) Followed you, Richelle!

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