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Apple | 6 comments I am trying to desperately find out he title of this book that I have read within the past year, but am not sure of the actual publish date. This book has found its way back into my memory and I cannot remember what the title is. I do not remember a lot about this book, but I do remember that I did enjoy reading it. The most I remember about this book is that the two MCs are a gay couple. One guy is from a very large loving family, and large meaning basically related to everyone in the town he grew up in. And the other man is very shy and not used to being around a family type environment. Together, they go on a trip to the first MC family home for a visit, I cannot remember the reason. The shy boyfriend is nervous to meet this large family. On their way to the home of MC parents, they get pulled over by the police, which ends up being married to the MC's cousin. When they finally get to their destination, the boyfriend is immediately welcomed, which is very overwhelming to him, especially with the mother who is very talkative and intense. The spouses of the MC's siblings pull the boyfriend aside and show them their special hiding place, which happens to be the sewing room. This is also where they hide alcohol to help make visits more tolerable. After dinner, the couple drives over to MC's cousin's house for them to stay overnight. When they arrive, the cousin greets them along with his daughter, I think she is around 4. After awhile, the cousins boyfriend comes home from work, and it turns out to be the cop that had pulled them over earlier.

For some reason, this section of the book is what I rememember the most and I cannot seem to remember anything else about the book. I don't even know the MC names right now or what city they are in, or even what their occupations are. I am hoping that someone can help me in my search for this book. If I am remembering correctly, at the end of the book within the author's notes, I think it mentioned that the cousin with the cop boyfriend had a book of their in some sort of series with cops. Again, I hope someone out there can give me the title of this book, along with my sanity.

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Kris | 33475 comments Mod
A guess - The Holiday Hoax by Skylar M. Cates?

Andrea, does the story take place over a holiday such as Christmas?

message 3: by Apple (new)

Apple | 6 comments Kris wrote: "A guess - The Holiday Hoax by Skylar M. Cates?

Andrea, does the story take place over a holiday such as Christmas?"

Thank you for your response. The description that I gave was actually only a very small part of the story; this part was towards the end of the book. I am trying to remember the actual reason for the family gathering and I don't remember for sure....family reunion or wedding, maybe. I am not sure why this particular part of the book it what I am remembering, but it is making it very hard to find it again.

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Aerulan | 1190 comments I kinda feel like this might be The Family We're Born With by Kaje Harper? There's also a sequel The Family We Make. If it isn't, I still think I have read this so I'll look thru my shelves.

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Apple | 6 comments Something else I remembered about this book desciption, it actually has to do with the cousin and his cop boyfriend. The author's writing about their relationship had an implication of a paranormal sense, but not ghostly in nature. It seemed that this couple was close that they could sense when the other was home before they walked in the door. The relationship was portrayed as though they were so close that they seem be on an almost spiritual level.

I hope this helps anyone who is on this journey with me of finding this book.

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Apple | 6 comments Kris wrote: "Love Ahead: Expect Delays by Astrid Amara?"

Thank you for the suggestion, but the book I am looking for was full length. I do appreciate the help.

message 8: by Apple (last edited Dec 08, 2015 08:04PM) (new)

Apple | 6 comments I received the answer through a different discussion:
He Completes Me by Cardeno C.

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