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Kayteequa's flat is a small place in the slums, the building has seen better days but Kayteequa had fixed up her three room flat to make it up to standard so it doesn't appear to be falling to pieces. Upon entering from the front door, you enter a small kitchen/living room split furnished with basic household appliances and a single couch with a coffee table and a small television set. Off to the right is the door leading to her bedroom which was a smaller room with just a bed, desk and a closet. On the left leads to the bathroom, toilet, shower and sink was all that was really in there. What made the place at home for Kayteequa is the little knick knacks and collections she has littered around the place including pictures that are hung up on the walls and odd collection of rugs on her floor. Her bedroom follows the same pattern as her main living area but with an odd collection of pillows on her bed. Better not mention the rubber ducks. She enjoys collecting anything really, she just has an almost obsession with it.

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KayC had delivered the message quickly and had got out of there soon after. She knew better than to stick around too long. God, people weren't her forte. She'd returned home soon after, completely forgetting about the incident with Jess. She got home and flopped down on her couch after adding a coin to her coin collection jar on the counter. She was tired and so it wasn't surprising when she began to doze off, too tired to even remember that she'd forgotten to lock the front door.

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KayC stirred when she heard the door open but didn't wake. She just groaned softly and shifted a bit, mumbling in her slumber. KayC continued to contently sleep, that was until she went to roll over only to feel something stab her. With a yelp she shot off the couch, falling onto the ground with a groan. She then cursed and pulled out her grappling gun and daggers, dropping them onto the floor and then patted herself down to make sure she wasn't injured before she climbed back up and flopped back down on the couch with a sigh. Once she slowed from her adrenaline rush she tensed, sensing something was wrong. She turned her head and her gaze landed on Jess... and then she screamed her surprise and almost grabbed a dagger and threw it at her if not for her rush of indecisiveness that caused her to hesitate. "Why.. what... in.. my... what?" She stammered.

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KayC scowled at Jess then, composing herself and sat up on the couch, arms crossed underneath her chest, though her scowl was more of a pout than anything threatening. "I survived..." she drifted off and quickly counted off the years since birth since birthdays weren't something she noticed or celebrated, "twenty-two years without a body guard, so I think I can last at least one day without one," she replied sassily, putting an sarcastic emphasis on 'least'. KayC twitched at her horrible explanation, physically shuddering since the end made no sense and it was causing her obsessive-compulsive personality trait to go wack out on her. KayC was visble tense with Jess within her home, she was shrinking within herself while fidgeting. Her eyes darted around the place, checking all her collections to see if she had stolen anything. She couldn't help what her mind immediately jumped to paranoia thoughts especially since she did not trust the woman in front of her. "What are you doing here?" she finally demanded and then suddenly felt a rush of terror, what if she'd been drooling? Jess probably thought she was horrible looking, compared, like she had much nicer hair than her, KayC's was so dull in comparison. She felt the harsh feeling of the truth that she was just not pretty and now she had a body guard to constantly remind her of that.

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KayC snorted, "they think the messages I carry need one," she retorted with a shrug. She was holding back her anger about this whole situation because neither of them had control of it. She rubbed her arm, biting the inside of her cheek in attempt to cool the burning frustrating that welled within her very being. KayC clenched her teeth together at the woman's words, calm down?! She let herself into her apartment, invaded her space, followed her around all without anyone bothering to tell her about the situation! KayC couldn't stop the glare that had developed and scowled though she still felt the urge to curl up into a ball and die. KayC cringed, waiting for some bullshit sentence but then Jess mentioned her collections. At first she tensed and was defensive but looking at her she realized it wasn't anything but a kind comment. "Thanks," she murmured softly and looked at the collections she had in the room with a soft smile. She didn't remember how she got all of them but she loved them all the same.

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As if almost by a switch, KayC's whole persona seemed to change from the defensive on edge on that was pissed that she'd been before into almost a giddy one. "I find them here and there," she said with a beaming smile and she glanced around the room, "I go all over the city delivering messages so I get to see a lot of places. Most of this stuff I found on my way to deliver the messages, sometimes I have to buy it because it looks so cool!" she said and pointed to a painting she had on the wall, "like that one, all the colours...." She drifted off with a sigh and then paused, "sometimes I'm given random things for completing a delivery... Those are always interesting and cool," she said. She loved everything she collected, her apartment was likely to over run with junk if this kept up but she just couldn't stomach getting rid of anything.

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KayC giggled and shrugged, turning her head to look at Jess and actually smile at her for the first time the girl had met her. "I guess so, though not everyone can acknowledge the beauty," she said softly and shook her head, as if she was sad for those poor souls. KayC then shot to her feet with a sudden surge of energy and darted from the room and into her own room, she returned a moment later and stood beside Jess. She cradled a rock in her hand and showed it to Jess, much like a child would, "this was the first thing I ever collected," she told Jess, "this rock was so pretty despite it being-" she cut herself off, eyes widening as she realized what she was doing... despite it being stained with my blood. The rock was used by a bully who had thrown it at her head. KayC steppee away from Jess, visibly cowering within herself. She almost shared something so personal with a stranger... KayC's mind was whirrling with paranoid thoughts as she backed away from Jess. KayC shook her head, trying to fight herself and calm herself. She turned to return the rock to it's spot and took a moment to breathe before exiting her room. KayC wordlessly picked up her weapons to put them away while keeping one on her just in case. After that she headed to the kitchen area and looked through the cubboards, fridge and freezer to see what she had and wanted to eat. After checking everyone she leaned against a counter to think. She didn't know what to make and eat, pasta was easy and she could make enough incase her new bodyguard was hungry and if not, some for tomorrow... She bit her lip, unsure what pasta she should make. She went over to the cubboard to stare at her options but knew it would take a bit for her to decide. KayC was highly indescive which made life a lot harder on her.

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KayC jumped when Jess spoke, spinning around to face her, she was instinctively on edge and on the defense. She bit her bottom lip as she thought about what Jess said but shook her head. She still didn't trust the other girl, especially not enough to have her in the kitchen where knifes were, and pans. So a bunch of paranoid thoughts filtered into her mind immediately after Jess walked into the kitchen area causing KayC to tense and stare at her. "N-no thank you... You can just sit on the... Chair... I just.. Trying to decide what pasta to use..." She stammered. She hated the fact she was so indesicive about basically everything, it was frustrating as hell and there was nothing she could really do about. The tension she felt because of her uneasiness and distrust of Jess only made matters worse since tension always made her awkward and fidgety. "I got mean cooking skills anyway, you have not tasted true pasta if you haven't tried mine," she drawled, an attempt to ease some of the tension she knew shr caused but eh, lame comments like that were her specialty.

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