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message 1: by Michael (last edited Nov 27, 2015 06:43AM) (new)

Michael Fleischer (michaelfleischer) | 13 comments Hey guys,

I had this idea: Why don’t we make an anthology of humorous short stories and publish them on Amazon? Everybody can participate. I wouldn’t be picking just the very best ones, just those that I think are funny, original and refreshing, so it wouldn’t be like you’re fighting against hundreds of competitors. Besides, I don’t anticipate too many contributions, anyway – but who knows… In any case, I think it's worth trying.

The purpose of this project is:

1) If you send in a story, please feel free to send a link to your website or your other work/cover images of your books along, the readers will see them at the end of your story. So, a bit of free promotion.

2) Speaking of promotion. I will publish the finished compilation on Amazon, just for $0.99. If each contributor shares the link to it on their social networks, perhaps we can get enough downloads to make it into Amazon’s Top 100 in the Humour section? Perhaps this is crazy talk, but there’s no harm in trying.

3) Having a bit of fun!

The stories I would be looking for shouldn’t be over 7.000-8.000 words (or if they are a bit longer, they should be really brilliant) and as I said, they should be funny and original. If they’re cynical/caustic and/or somehow grotesque, that’s a plus. I personally already have a suitable story to share :)

What qualifies me to decide what is funny and to start a project like this? Well, it’s my idea, and I’m willing to see it through. That’s it.
If you e-mail me your story, you grant me the right to use it in that book, so please state so in your message to me – also please state that you waive any financial claims in connection with the finished product, and come on, how much dosh can a $0.99 book make? Your story won’t be used for any other purposes.
Please ask me for my e-mail address.

Ah, and by the way: It's OK if your story has already been published somewhere else, but please make sure that you have the right to publish it again in a different edition. E.g. many magazines publishing short stories expect exclusivity for a certain period of time.

Hope to find some support here :)


message 2: by Andrew (new)

Andrew Lawston (andrewlawston) | 227 comments I'm provisionally interested, in that I want to get back on the short fiction wagon.

I would warn you though that I've been in a few anthologies over the years, and while I always promote them to my network (and presumably the other authors all do the same), this doesn't tend to result in the level of sales that you might expect or hope for. People who will quite happily buy an Andrew Lawston book or a Michael Fleischer book will hesitate before buying a book with one Andrew or Michael story, and a whole bunch of other stuff by people they don't know.

Not saying you shouldn't do it, but keep your expectations realistic.

message 3: by Michael (last edited Nov 27, 2015 06:43AM) (new)

Michael Fleischer (michaelfleischer) | 13 comments Thanks for the input, Andy! Oh, yes, I'm definitely not expecting to make much cash there. But everybody likes to laugh, and at a price like 99 cents the risk is not that high. And well, as each of us only has to contribute a few pages worth of text, there is really no reason why we shouldn't just give it a shot and see what happens (and as I said, have fun in the process).

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