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message 1: by Nina (new)

Nina Norstrom | 6 comments That is so amazing! What a blessing you are to the group. With my story, I too have indicated in the book, part of the proceeds are being donated to help the find against toxic relationships.
God has blessed us to speak about our journey, so why not give by for the cause.

As we know, toxicity comes in all shapes and illness being one.
So I totally agree.

message 2: by Nina (new)

Nina Norstrom | 6 comments Topher:

I went to your blurb and read a bit about the story. Seems very interesting. Is the book also available on amazon?

Another question: I'd like to include a link from my website to yours. Think that's possible? If so, do you have a website or just the blog page?

That way the audience in my readership will contact with your journey.
I plan to connect/link several authors on my website, and will rotate different authors periodically. Perhaps, you being one of them. As my story is about dealing with toxic relationships.

You can visit my site at,

To get a feel of what I'm trying to accomplish.

message 3: by Nina (new)

Nina Norstrom | 6 comments NP, it's what we (authors) do. It's all about giving back!

It may be possible to have my web developer link your blurb page as an alternative. That's something to consider!

message 4: by Nina (new)

Nina Norstrom | 6 comments Have your thought of connecting the FB and Goodreads' page to your blurb? The blurb is where one can make purchases.

message 5: by Nina (new)

Nina Norstrom | 6 comments U R so welcome!

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