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His Dark Materials World, why did you like it?

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Juniper_07 I love Lyra's world, that is so close to ours, but so different too. How Philip Pullman describes it is wonderful. I think the end of the trilogy is so good :)
Daemons are cool too, and polar bears...

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Akhil Ambekar This series was my first ever and maybe it's the nostalgia factor kicking in but almost everything about this series is perfect.
If I had to choose one thing above the others then it has to be the characters, absolutely loved Lyra, Will and Mrs. Coulter(even though she had this anti-hero thing going on),always had a soft corner for her.

R.R. Brooks I appreciate Pullman's ability to carry me into his fantasy world by means of sympathetic characters and an exciting, engaging plot line. Thumbs up from me as a fantasy author.

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