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Lulu (robotwitch) | 35 comments Mod
Any spoilers for later books/characters, please put in spoiler tags.

What are you impressions of the of the book as a whole? What do you like/not like? What were your impressions of the major characters?

Ryan Rossi | 17 comments Equal Rites has been my favourite so far. Everything felt much more thought out and driven then CoM/LF. I even liked the characters more, mostly because they felt more like actual characters instead of parodies of themselfs.

Granny was a joy to read, the wise old woman who isnt as wise as everyone thinks. Even Esk, with her wide eyed innocence and complete lack of grasp on how powerful she is.

By coincidence, I read this right after Clariel by Garth Nix (it had arrived the day after I started to read it). My first thought was 'two books about a magical girl finding herself in a row', but I was quickly surprised by the twists and turns in both.

Kaitlyn | 21 comments I wasn't a big fan of the witches books the first time around. I think I enjoy them more now that I'm a bit older. (I'm posting so late because I was sick all December.)
I saved a couple favorite quotes from this one. "The storm walked around the hills on legs of lightning, shouting and grumbling." I just really enjoyed thinking of storm clouds as a grumpy old man. Also he says the true name of the Necrotelicomnicon is "Liber Paginarum Fulvarum." I was pretty sure I could guess what fulvarum translates to based on the rest, but I double checked to be sure. Book of yellow pages. I don't always stop to translate things in books, but his are usually extra jokes.

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