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Mike (glaucus) | 75 comments Mod
Reading Assignment 4
Chapter XI - XIII, Pages 81-107
Begin Reading December 21

message 2: by Mike (new)

Mike (glaucus) | 75 comments Mod
Been ill the last few weeks. Feeling better. I finished reading these chapters. These chapters are important historically. They illustrate the problems we have with interpreting Socrates, namely that he is mostly heard through the voice of Plato. As a result, Socrates is no democrat. In fact, Socrates in the Apology illustrates the recklessness of a complete democratic society. That of overreaching. Plato certainly felt this way, democracy killed his mentor and teacher. We also see the importance of the rise of Sparta. What do others think of Sparta as an authoritarian state? I would argue that there is much there and Plato actually admires its orderliness at times. Russell rightly notes the problem that historians and philosophers have with these areas due to the lack of evidence that survived from that time. The only real sources for Socrates, for example, are Plato and Aristophanes. Hence, one must be aware of the bias of the authors and the times in which they lived. Russell does a great job in detailing the importance of Sparta and the effect it had on Aristotle, who criticizes the Spartan constitution. There will be more for next week as I start to recover from this cold that has been very hard to break.

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Mike (glaucus) | 75 comments Mod
Well, I am still trying to catch up. I think that This section is really intent on Plato. We should look at the Authoritarian state that Plato discovers and that it was intended to be a possible model. It also calls into question the framework of society and politics. Thoughs

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