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message 1: by Tony (new)

Tony Hynes Obligatory reading for any reader. Or any person really :)

Reinhard Beck Can't agree. First it's badly written. I was constantly getting lost and had to keep going back to retrace my steps. Second, just because it's full of good intentions doesn't mean it's any good. Third, what on earth does a nice middle class white girl know about racism? It's a book that should ahve been written by a black (man) woman who would know what they were talking about. Last, but not least, liberals like it because it portrays them in such a noble and heroic light. They all think they are like "Atticus" knights in shining armour.

message 3: by Tony (new)

Tony Hynes Reinhard, good points all around. But I think it is useful to consider the time in which this book was written when discussing liberal guilt. I agree that yes, the image of the "white knight" is a long held, and offensive stereotype. However, at the time it was written it was a gateway for many a white liberal who had probably rarely seen a black person or considered a black issue in their lives. So from that vantage point it is good. I think TKAM is important still, simply because it's a good, (if not well written story) that kids will read simply because it's considered a famous book. It's not exactly on my favorites list, but it is important.

Dale Pearl One of the rare books out there with the "classic" label that actually lives up to it. What makes this book a classic?
1) Written in a unique hash and slash style. Nobody could ever accuse Harper Lee of copying another writers style.
2) sustained tempo. The pace of this book holds you in place.
3) relevant. The material was eye popping for its time and it is still relevant to this day.
4) this book is either hated or loved, no in between.
5) since the time of "To Kill A Mockingbird" many an artist using both the written and the film media have attempted to replicate the significance, the profound message, and the style. As they say.... copying an artist's style is the greatest form of flattery.

Feliks William Faulkner makes Harper Lee look like a 3rd grader. Nuf said

Dale Pearl Feliks wrote: "William Faulkner makes Harper Lee look like a 3rd grader. Nuf said"

Most of Faulkner is incredible no doubt about it but that doesnt diminish Lee's to kill a mockingbird. Now if we are going to critique Go Set A Watchman well then I would agree with you.

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