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message 1: by Edward (last edited Nov 24, 2015 03:29PM) (new)

Edward Davies | 20 comments Hey guys, I've sort of last minute decided to buckle down on my current novel. It's kind of a cheat as I started on the 13th October, but I only have 6k words to date.

Helen Singer Novel

message 2: by Edward (new)

Edward Davies | 20 comments I've also sent words of encouragement to those of you I could track down. :)

message 3: by [deleted user] (new)

Go, Edward! You can do it :)

message 4: by Edward (new)

Edward Davies | 20 comments I don't think I can... :D

message 5: by Caitlan (new)

Caitlan (lionesserampant) I believe in you!

message 6: by Edward (new)

Edward Davies | 20 comments Cheers Kat! I've not done too bad today, but I've only really got three days of writing to go (the weekends are no good for me).

message 7: by [deleted user] (new)

At least you started writing, we'll just have to find a way to keep motivating each other to finish what we've started :)

message 8: by Ryan (new)

Ryan Good work, mate!

I was thinking the same thing, Leslie. I've had a full on month at work and haven't written as much as I wanted but I'm starting leave tomorrow and really keen to keep writing this story.

I was kind of hoping we could keep this group going as a year long nano thing and help each other out with all the bits and pieces/advice/motivation/ideas/reading in order to finish these novels and any others we decide to write on an ongoing basis...


message 9: by Edward (new)

Edward Davies | 20 comments That sounds like a grand idea, Gromit! :D

message 10: by [deleted user] (new)

Yes, I like that, Ryan :)

message 11: by Edward (last edited Nov 26, 2015 02:13PM) (new)

Edward Davies | 20 comments I'm actually having a fun time writing this. I wish I'd started NaNoWriMo earlier, but I was so busy at work with everything going tits up. Each of the character's has to have a name that relates to some myth or legend so that everyone can be a suspect as the series goes on, so it was a nightmare coming up with character names, but now I've come up with Francesca Epstein, so she sounds like Frankenstein (a bit) I also discovered that Francesca was a character in The Divine Comedy so I can throw that in for good measure. Obviously this names thing all started with Helen Singer, aka, Helsing!

message 12: by Caitlan (new)

Caitlan (lionesserampant) I definitely want to keep this thing going all year long. Plus, there are the two sessions of Camp NaNo to look forward to!

message 13: by Edward (new)

Edward Davies | 20 comments Me too! I had a lot of fun whipping through the story. Came up with some silly character names too. :D

message 14: by Edward (new)

Edward Davies | 20 comments Thanks Al! Busy at work last few days with servers and switches going screwy, so only got a little more done this week. :D

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