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Marianne (Boricuan Bookworms)  (mariannelee) I'm a book blogger currently using the Ultimate Book Blogger Plugin on Wordpress, and I use the API Key to pull the book information from Goodreads. However, I've been getting a 403 error code, saying that my site is forbidden from accessing Goodreads. Why?

Is there a way to unlock my site?

My website is

I contacted the developer of the plugin, and she instructed me to contact Goodreads directly, since there's nothing she can do from her end.

I already checked if I had a valid API key (which I do), so that's not the problem.

Is there something that can be done so I can stop receiving this message?

message 3: by Jeffrey (new)

Jeffrey (jeffwong) | 74 comments Mod
Hi Marianne, sorry you are having this problem.

I looked into our logs a bit and I found that you were able to look up a book by ISBN once in October and a few times in September and August. Is this consistent with what you are seeing?

Which functions of UBB are you unable to perform?

Marianne (Boricuan Bookworms)  (mariannelee) Yes. In November I tried a few times, too.

My problem is looking up the book information through ISBN. The data refuses to load and then I'm given the 403 code.

message 6: by Jeffrey (new)

Jeffrey (jeffwong) | 74 comments Mod
I'm following up with the UBB developer today.

Do you have terminal access to your website? If so, please PM me.

message 7: by Jeffrey (new)

Jeffrey (jeffwong) | 74 comments Mod
Marianne, could you try it again now?

The problem might be related to shared hosting, so we changed something on our server to be more friendly to that.

What is your WP service provider?

Marianne (Boricuan Bookworms)  (mariannelee) I just tried it again, no luck.

My WP host is GoDaddy.

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