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Bloodblader | 997 comments Any ideas

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Well what sort of genres or themes are you into?

Historical/Mystery/Fantasy/Romance/Vampire~Werewolf/Futuristic? (just examples)

If I hear what you're into I can maybe brainstorm alittle something for us to add to.

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Bloodblader | 997 comments I mostly rp fantasy/ romance but I'm open to other ideas

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I'm not currently doing either of those themes, so if you'd like to do something romance/fantasy themed we can do that. By fantasy are you meaning like L.O.T.R and harry potter fantasy? Like what sort of fantasy do you do?

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(Sorry for all the questions; just trying to think of a good plot)

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Bloodblader | 997 comments Fantasy and syfy

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Bloodblader | 997 comments I can also think up a few if needed

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That would be good :)

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Bloodblader | 997 comments Here is one idea I came up with, it's a bit odd though

Guy a do to a disease been turned into a girl, his/her family decided to send her to the same school as his/her mother. There is both a up and a down to that, up side is no guys to deal with down side is that she will be living with a bunch of girls that think she is just another one of the girls
This is a twist on a fxf rp

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That sounds good, would you be Guy A?

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Bloodblader | 997 comments Usually I do rp the guy so yes. Ok now we need to make our characters

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I'm on my iPod, so u can't add photos at the moment (that is if you do the appearances) I usually just do name, age, and traits.

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Bloodblader | 997 comments You could always just type the basic appearance of the character like eye color hair color and so on

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Okay, I'll do that. Can you make yours first? That way I know how detailed to be

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Bloodblader | 997 comments Ok
Name: Luna Miller
Original name: Brian Miller
Age: 19
Appearance: long blonde hair(about to her ass), blue eyes, 5'4"
Original appearance: short blonde hair, blue eyes, 5'9"

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Name: Kimberly Zeldin
Age: 19
Appearance: thick straight brown hair, hazel eyes, a few freckles across her nose, 5'3",

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Bloodblader | 997 comments A girl was looking up at the gates of the place she would be calling home for the time being. Her long blonde hair was gently flowing in the wind

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Kimberly waved goodbye to her friends as they were dismissed from their English class. As she walked away she shuffled her backpack from one arm to the other. She'd been a student here for two years now, and there was nowhere she'd rather be. Things were good for her, she had friends, her grades were good. But, a few weeks back she and her boyfriend broke up, and not in the best way.

She continues down the walkway towards her next class when she noticed a girl standing at the front gate. The girl appeared to be a bit nervous on coming in; Kimberly understood the feeling and smiled. She knew this girl could need help. Looking at her phone for the time, she walked over to the gate. "Hello," she smiled walking over, "It's a lovely gate, but it's much nicer in here." She smiled, opening the gate for the girl.

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Bloodblader | 997 comments Luna blushed "um yes it looks very nice inside, I'm just a little nervous, I never been to a school like this one" Luna said in a soft tone, it was the truth after all before this school Luna was guy named Brian, he had been in public school and even there was a bit of an out cast.

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Kimberly grinned at the girl, "Well don't worry, you've got me now." She let the girl in, closing the gate behind them, then wrapped her arm around the girl's arm, "I remember my first day here; a school like this can be very intimidating. But as long as you have someone to navigate you around, I think you'll be alright." Kimberly paused before walking on, Unhooking her arm from the girl's, she sighed, "Sorry if I'm to over the top. I tend to poke my nose in people's business. And I hadn't even introduced myself; I'm Kimberly."

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Bloodblader | 997 comments Luna blushed when Kimberly took her arm and lead her inside. This was the first time a girl had taken her arm like that even if it was more so in friendship. "Um my name is Luna, it's um nice to meet you" she said messing with her skirt a little

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"Well it is lovely to meet you Luna!" Kimberly smiled, "So, Ms.Luna, where exactly is it that you need to go first? I assume you've gotten your for room number? Getting settled in would be good.." Pausing to look at her phone she checked the time, "Hmmph, well I'm late for my science class," putting her phone back in her pocket, she continued, "But no need to worry about that, let's find your room. Lunch will be served in the mess hall in an hour, so we can meet everyone else after." She paused, "that is, if you'd like my help. If not I totally get it!"

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Bloodblader | 997 comments Luna looked at her bags, it would be a good idea to drop off her stuff. "Um I would like the help but I don't want to get you into trouble" she said. Luna went to reach in to a pocket that wasn't there, she was still not use to wearing a skirt or having a purse, she realized and opened her purse and fished out the paper that had the info for her first day on it, including her room number, it did mention she would have a roommate. "Um I'm room c89" she said

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Hearing the number, Kimberly eagerly replied, "You're right across from me! I've been wondering when someone was going to take that room! You'll love the room, very roomy and most have a great view. Nothing drafty like most dorm rooms." Kimberly and Luna began their way towards the dorms, when Kim continued, "And don't worry about me, that professor is so out of it, he won't even know I'm gone." she smiled back at Luna as she lead the way.

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Bloodblader | 997 comments Luna smiled "thank you" she said as she walked with her towards the dorms. Once in front of her dorm Luna got nervous again.

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Bloodblader | 997 comments (Hello you still here?)

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