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External/Internal Conflict

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Jenna Farris In this discussion I will be talking about the different types of conflict in my independent reading book.

In "Crenshaw" by Katherine Applegate, external conflict is present. For example, Jackson and his family are going through hard times. The parents lost their jobs, and are now living in a hot minivan. This is an external conflict because it is an obstacle that the character(s) is facing outside of themselves.
Another example of conflict in this book is an internal conflict. Jackson has an imaginary friend/cat named Crenshaw, who claims to be protecting Jackson. The reason why this is an internal conflict is because Jackson does not know how to get rid of his imaginary friend, and is unsure of why he keeps on appearing.
All in all, there are many conflicts that take place is "Crenshaw."

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Mariah How does the conflict get fixed?

Olivia Bedell Mariah wrote: "How does the conflict get fixed?"

The conflict honestly doesn't get fixed Jackson gets used to having Crenshaw around and slowly notice’s that Crenshaw is a huge person/cat in his life and is useful and makes a huge impact in Jackson’s life.

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