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message 1: by Sherry (new)

Sherry (sherylmarasi) | 150 comments Mod
Matthew, please post any information about yourself and/or you book here that you would like to share.

message 2: by Matthew (new)

Matthew (matthew_simon) | 2 comments Hello Sherry,

I'll start by posting a brief description of the book and my author bio. I'll add more tonight.

What do you do when your neighbor turns up strangled beneath your bedroom window? In The Chosen Few, private investigator Max Lovely straps on his Ruger .357 Magnum, climbs into his battered Chrysler convertible, and hits the streets of Boston looking for clues. Max is a seemingly sluggish detective with surprising powers of perception, a dangerous overabundance of empathy, and a strange collection of friends. He’ll need all the help he can get when he uncovers the Chosen Few. As he draws closer to the truth, his own life becomes the target of the malevolent forces he has uncovered. Author Matt Simon imbues the story with a strong sense of place, with rich descriptions of Boston and plenty of local culture. From the spiritual beliefs of the Puritans to the socioeconomic history of the South End and Back Bay, readers will know Boston better by the time the mystery is solved.

Matthew Simon grew up in Amherst, Massachusetts and attended Williams College in Williamstown, Massachusetts. He lived and worked in many of Boston's urban neighborhoods, including Back Bay, Beacon Hill, the South End, and Chelsea. Matt spent ten years bedridden with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. During those years of forced silence, the Max Lovely mystery series evolved as a form of internal entertainment. Matt has since recovered his health.

message 3: by Betty (new)

Betty (nightreader) | 8 comments Sounds great!

message 4: by Svetlana (new)

Svetlana Kovalkova-McKenna I bought a paperback, but the author also emailed me the digital copy - and I have already FINISHED it! I am totally ready for discussion1 Thanks, Matthew!

message 5: by Matthew (new)

Matthew (matthew_simon) | 2 comments Hi Svetlana,

You already finished it! That was quick. Should we start a discussion or wait for others to read?


message 6: by G.H. (new)

G.H. Monroe (ghmonroe) | 28 comments I also finished my copy very quickly. It was a fast and enjoyable read for me.

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